4 Reasons to Move Away From Office 365

The world is moving to cloud. But there is a certain segment that is moving away from Office 365 due to its few drawbacks.

Talking about moving away from Office 365 in 2018? It seems counterintuitive – like some youngsters who prefer vinyl records for music. But there are good reasons for both.

Although Microsoft’s popular offering Office 365 is getting better each day with improved features, newer functionalities, and ease of use; there is a small section of people who are drifting away from it. In an environment where companies are moving their IT to the cloud, why do we get inquiries on moving out of Office 365?

Being in cloud hosting business, we get many calls for this reverse migration per day. That is why, we decided to look at the pain points amid a stellar performance of Office 365 in recent years.

Here are the four major points that dissuade users to continue with Office 365:

  1. Microsoft may discontinue any feature anytime

    Office 365 is very dynamic in nature. It has rigorous updates which add/removes features as per Microsoft’s latest product alignments. The continuous upgrades can make users feel that they have less control of the system.

  2. Public facing website is not allowed

    After Microsoft’s changeover date of March 9, 2015, the existing SharePoint customers were given a deadline of two years to continue their external facing websites. The functionality would cease after the deadline. Customers must subscribe to third-party solutions for public website functionality.

  3. Incoming emails in SharePoint Online are not available

    Customers cannot send email directly to their document libraries and lists. If your email lies outside the Microsoft ecosystem, you cannot go through many functionalities that SharePoint has to offer.

  4. Access services will be removed from SharePoint Online

    The Access services which were available in 2007 versions will be discontinued from April 2018. Customers who have been using traditional versions will need to find newer solutions. Therefore, many customers find it difficult manage the overhaul in the system.

    There is a simple solution to all the above problems. There is an equivalent to Office 365 SharePoint Online functionality – a hosted SharePoint 2016 Enterprise solution by Apps4Rent that still retains features that Office 365 is eliminating.

    An expert third-party SharePoint hosting provider fulfills the needs for problems that one size fits all Office 365 does not. With expert help, one cannot only control their deployments/developments but also have full rights over their controls and upgrades, depending on their requirements.

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