Virtual Desktop for Streaming PC VR Games

PC VR games refer to a new generation of computer games powered by virtual reality (VR) technology that offers gamers an immersive, first-person perspective of gaming adventures. Participants get the ability to experience and influence the game environment using a range of VR gaming devices and accessories such as VR headsets and goggles, hand controllers, and sensor-equipped gloves. As streaming PC VR games require high-end computers, gamers need a more convenient and easier alternative. In this article, we will discuss how PC VR games can be streamed with Virtual Desktop.

How Does Virtual Desktop for Streaming PC VR Games Work?

Virtual Desktop for Oculus Quest allows users to watch movies, browse the internet, play games on a giant virtual screen, or stream PC VR games by connecting wirelessly to computers. It is an application that is developed for low latency, high-quality streaming that supports up to 4 computers that run on either Windows 10 or macOS Mojave. The primary advantage of using Virtual Desktop is that it allows PC VR games running on powerful Windows-based PCs that provide extra processing power for more complex physics, more detailed environments, and dynamic lighting as compared with the smartphone-class chips in Quest and other standalone VR headsets. With the latest update, Virtual Desktop users can bypass the process of sideloading content onto Oculus Quest that is not curated or optimized.

What Are Virtual Desktop Alternatives for Streaming PC VR Games?

One of the most important requirements for PC VR game streaming is that the PC should be VR-ready at the outset. There could be significant investments involved over and above the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) infrastructure, considering that these machines need dedicated GPUs and a lot of computing power to support them. If you stream your gameplay on a streaming platform, VR games get further resource intensive. Both gaming and streaming require high-end graphics chips and may slow down your system if there are not enough physical resources available. Additionally, many users have complained of issues with audio sync and voiceover while using the native recording/ streaming features available in some of the VR headsets. Using open-source applications such as OBS on GPU-enabled virtual desktop for streaming PC VR games can help in improving cost-performance optimization. Moreover, there are is greater flexibility of adding overlays and other customizations with these encoders.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Virtual Desktop for Game Streaming

Virtual Desktop empowers with wireless freedom to play native Quest games and stream their favorite PCVR games. It is an affordable solution that is easy. However, even this requires a VR-capable PC and has limitations in terms of flexibility. The alternative of using a cloud-hosted virtual desktop for streaming PC VR games has several advantages. The pay-as-you-go model reduces spends and allows users to stream their games without depending on their wired computers.

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