Vendors Announce SharePoint Backup Automation Tools

It is important to have a reliable SharePoint backup software tool for hosted SharePoint sites.  Apps4Rent, a specialist in SharePoint hosting, is always looking for the developments in backup automation tools.  Good backup tools decrease the workload of system administrators and prevent mistakes of commission and omission.  Two different vendors of such products, AvePoint and Idera have made recent announcements on their SharePoint backup automation products.

Idera announced the availability of SharePoint backup™ 2.0.  SharePoint backup ensures the safety and integrity of vital SharePoint content by automating the backup and recovery process and enabling granular recovery from site collections down to sites, list items and documents.

According to Idera’s release:

“SharePoint backup is one tool in Idera’s growing SharePoint management portfolio. With the rapid proliferation of SharePoint, many administrators are not SharePoint experts, leaving gaps in knowledge that Idera’s easy-to-use solutions can fill. Idera also offers the SharePoint admin toolset™, essential tools for SharePoint security, performance, site and server administration, as well as SharePoint Performance Monitor™, a free SharePoint performance monitoring tool.”

AvePoint, another vendor with a prodct line for SharePoint backup, has announced the free release of the DocAve SQL Restore Controller.

According to AvePoint’s press release:

“This tool enables the full fidelity, item-level restoration of SharePoint content from native SQL database backups, as well as databases restored by any third-party SQL backup tool, including Microsoft’s Data Protection Manager (DPM). An independently-deployable module within the DocAve Software Platform, the SQL Restore Contoller is being provided for download free in an effort to assist organizations that rely upon SQL Server or DPM backups to protect SharePoint data, while DocAve’s more robust Backup and Recovery module delivers comprehensive item-through-platform level backup and restoration functionality for those organizations seeking to fully protect their SharePoint platform, optimize system resources, and improve service level agreements”

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