Social Networking in SharePoint

It was pointed out at a recent Enterprise 2.0 conference that organizations big and small are seeing benefits from Microsoft SharePoint .  David Gardiner reports in the InformationWeek that social networking applications of Microsoft SharePoint  in the enterprise span industries as diverse as education, the military, and software development.

Some examples cited by Information Week for successful Microsoft SharePoint implementations in the Enterprise were:

  • The Minnesota State Education Department  has recently launched a SharePoint application that is tightly focused on teachers and education.
  • The U.S. Army is using a Microsoft SharePoint application in its Battle Command Knowledge System to help prepare young officers for service in Iraq.
  • Electronic Arts, a gaming company, uses a SharePoint Application large percentage of  the companies 9,000 employees, dispersed in multiple location, post articles and assorted advice that can be of value to other employee

Of course, Apps4Rent’s diverse customers take advantage of applications on SharePoint hosting platform in numerous ways. One can also upgrade to a low cost dedicated SharePoint server with hyper-v hosting. Watch this blog for examples in the future.

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