TaxJar Integration with QuickBooks

Businesses today face a significant challenge in complying with sales tax regulations. With different tax rates, rules, and jurisdictions across states, it can be time-consuming and complex task for businesses to accurately calculate, collect, and remit sales tax. TaxJar is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses in automating the entire sales tax life cycle across all the sales channels starting from calculations and nexus tracking to reporting and filing. It helps businesses save time on sales tax filings by organizing sales data into easy-to-read, exportable, return-ready state reports. It’s API and calculation engines apply rooftop-accurate rates and applies sales tax calculations based on customer’s state, county, city, and district. In this article, we will discuss how to integrate TaxJar with QuickBooks.

What Are the Advantages of Integrating TaxJar with QuickBooks?

The advantages of integrating TaxJar with QuickBooks are as follows.

  • Offers Nexus Insights dashboard, which makes it easy to see which states require businesses to collect sales tax based on their economic activity.
  • It’s AI-driven product classification evaluates all company’s products that they sell and intelligently suggests the right product tax code.
  • Automatically submits returns and remittances on company’s behalf to the states where they are enrolled.
  • Constantly compiles data from all company’s linked accounts, individual state sales tax reports, and CSV imports into its reporting dashboard.

How to Integrate TaxJar with QuickBooks?

These are the steps for integrating TaxJar with QuickBooks Online.

  • Log into QuickBooks Online account.
  • Log into your TaxJar account.
  • Navigate to Linked Accounts.
  • Click on QuickBooks icon. You will be redirected to QuickBooks AppCenter.
  • Click “Connect.”
  • Once done, you will be returned to your TaxJar account. There will be a confirmation page asking you to confirm your primary business location.
  • Finally, fill in the required details to complete the integration process.

Apps4Rent Can Help with TaxJar and QuickBooks Integration

Integrating TaxJar with QuickBooks can provide businesses with several advantages, such as accurate sales tax calculation, simplified tax filing, improved reporting, and streamlined workflow. However, further configurations are required to use the full potential of both the solutions.

As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent offers dedicated QuickBooks hosting services from top-tier SSAE 16 data centers with advanced security protocols to ensure reliability and data protection. Additionally, we can also help you in integrating third-party applications like TaxJar with QuickBooks at no extra cost. Contact our cloud experts available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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