T-Mobile Dashes Towards 3G Smart Phone With Windows Mobile OS

T-Mobile and HTC have been innovating to offer consumers smart phones with cutting edge features such as synchronization with hosted exchange.  The T-Mobile Dash 3G made by HTC is T-Mobile’s first Windows Mobile smart phone with 3G capabilities.  Apps4Rent’s customers of hosted exchange services will be interested in what Information Week reports about the phone:

“The handset is powered by Windows Mobile Standard 6.1, and it can receive over-the-air e-mails from Microsoft Exchange servers, as well as Web-based providers like Gmail and Yahoo. The Dash 3G will also come preloaded with Office Mobile, which enables users to view and edit Word documents.”

Also, synchronization with Microsoft Exchange can happen over Wi-Fi too.

“The Dash 3G can take advantage of the carrier’s UMTS/HSDPA network for mobile data connectivity, as well as utilize wireless hotspots with the integrated Wi-Fi chip. The handset also has a GPS chip that can be combined with cellular data for services like local search and location-based services.”

All in all HTC is a player to watch in smart phones.

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