Does Hosted Exchange Work Well Internationally?

Anyone looking to purchase hosted exchange accounts will find a choice of exchange hosting providers across the world.  Many buyers feel more comfortable buying from a local provider.  But is that really a wise choice?  The answer is that local presence is not really that important.  Therefore, buyers have a much wider choice of exchange hosting vendors.

Microsoft Exchange is a robust platform and if well planned, designed and hosted, its users can experience its benefits to the fullest extent even though they may be located in countries across the world.  In our practical experience, users in over 50 countries were satisfied with our service even though hosted exchange facilities were not local.

Of course there are issues other than technical feasibility in offering hosted exchange services.  This is where exchange hosting resellers can help.  Hosted exchange resellers contribute domain and local knowledge and language, existing relationships, and acceptance of local currency and modes of payments.  24/7 customer support is also helpful in selling to an international clientele.

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