StationPlaylist System Requirements

StationPlaylist is a group of broadcast software products for streaming and webcasting. It has applications for scheduling music and spots, voice tracking for recording and inserting voice announcements, and an audio player with advanced features, among others. DJs and studios can use these for playing media files with manual or automatic crossfading.

While many stations use StationPlaylist for managing their content for terrestrial radio broadcasting, others are switching to live streaming and on-demand streaming using the internet. This involves the use of distribution servers to which audio is continuously uploaded and available to multiple listeners as a single stream. In this article, we will see the system requirements for StationPlaylist and the benefits of VPS hosting.

What Are the System Specifications for Running StationPlaylist?

StationPlaylist is designed for Windows machines. The developers recommend using Windows 10 Pro as it gives users control over Windows Updates that require the computer to be rebooted. It is also supported on Windows Server. While the program can run on Linux or Mac OS with WINE, it is unsupported. While a computer with as low as 64MB RAM using a 1.6GHz processor, and 10MB free disk space is sufficient, a 4GB RAM and dual-core 2Ghz processor is recommended for optimal performance. Additionally, in terms of hardware, a full-duplex soundcard with DirectSound/WDM drivers and a second soundcard might be optionally used for track previewing or voice tracking.

Why Opt for StationPlaylist VPS Hosting?

Although StationPlaylist is a relatively lightweight application, installing it on a virtual private server (VPS) can help DJs and stations minimize their infrastructure requirements, such as mixing boards, and take advantage of powerful features without worrying about maintenance and security. Here are some of the advantages of StationPlaylist cloud hosting.

  • A VPS for StationPlaylist hosting ensures that jockeys have a streaming server with dedicated resources and redundant, ultra-secure networks that can be customized based on requirements.
  • Users can integrate their automation system, playout, music streaming software, and encoders, such as OBS, that often resource-intensive.
  • It enables customers to deploy advanced traffic and continuity solutions that offer better reporting than traditional affidavit systems.
  • It simplifies the deployment and hosting of mobile apps, websites, and streaming players, that can be used to improve station experience.
  • Stations can scale their operations easily, as servers can support more users simultaneously who can access the resources remotely. This is a useful capability when several jockeys from different locations have to collaborate.

Apps4Rent Can Help with StationPlaylist VPS Hosting

Many jockeys need to access the software from different devices. However, the license terms of StationPlaylist Creator and Studio permit only two current installations at the same premises. So, users will have to uninstall the application from one device if they have to use it on another machine.

With Apps4Rent StationPlaylist VPS hosting, users can access the software, distribution server, and other supporting applications remotely from any device. As a Microsoft and Citrix Partner, Apps4Rent can virtualize these applications such as StationPlaylist and OBS for broadcasting and streaming, with cutting-edge technology in our top-tier SSAE-16 level datacenters or Azure. Contact our streaming service consultants, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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