SharePoint Hosting Services Package include Vacation Scheduling Application

A free SharePoint hosting application site – Absent Request and Vacation Schedule Management – is frequently included with SharePoint hosting services packages.  Such SharePoint hosting application sites capture common functionalities, roles, and requirements of specific business processes or sets of tasks in groups and organizations.  They can be applied to typical business tasks, such as managing request for proposals, timecard management, competitive analysis, planning product and marketing requirements,  or tracking marketing campaigns, or managing manufacturing processes,  or for scheduling employee training, to easily creating useful web-based applications.  You can get worthwhile Microsoft SharePoint hosting services for less than $9 per month for unlimited users and with that package forty free SharePoint services hosting templates for business that were developed by Microsoft.

The Absence Request and Vacation Schedule Management application template included with SharePoint hosting services packages helps employees manage requests for out of office days. Team members post days they will be unavailable and can use the system to assign their responsibilities to others during those days. The SharePoint hosting application template helps team leaders manage requests for vacation and provides dashboards showing which users are signed up for a set of responsibilities.

The hosted SharePoint application sites are easy to activate and are free when one signs up for a basic SharePoint hosting services plan.  One can select SharePoint hosting site and workspace templates when setting up a new hosted SharePoint site via the Create page.  The default templates that are included with SharePoint WSS 3.0 hosting are arranged as two tabs in the Template Section area of the new hosted SharePoint Site.  The SharePoint hosting templates can be modified and saved under a different name.  Thus, quick to use and free SharePoint services hosting applications for your organization are available easily.

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