SharePoint 2010 Accessibility

SharePoint 2010’s Accessibility feature provides templates, master pages, controls and Web parts along with technical documentation to advance MOSS accessibility for people with disabilities. SharePoint 2010 accessibility provides built-in support for keyboard navigation and support for industry-wide accessibility standards.

Accessibility is an important part of any collaboration or web content management system. For SharePoint this is no exception. As a starting point, SharePoint adopted the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, WCAG 2.0, and set a goal for Level AA.

SharePoint 2010 Accessibility feature is perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. SharePoint 2010 delivers broad changes to describe content and media and to explain controls. Apps4Rent now offers the latest Hosted SharePoint 2013 to its customers at affordable prices.

Features of SharePoint 2010 Accessibility kit include the following:

  1. Keyboard interaction has been a basis in feature evaluations to maximize device compatibility and usability
  2. Proper heading structures have been added to pages for informational, organizational, and navigational benefits.
  3. Across SharePoint, improved language support has been added and integrated this information into the pages and into the advanced editors page
  4. SharePoint supports browser settings to zoom content and operating system features to increase font sizes.
  5. New design efforts help declare Doc Types and specify CSS-standards rendering for the master pages. This has dramatically improved the cross-browser support.
  6. Broad investments were made to update the markup to be like well-formed XML, and the new rich text editor has clean markup and a function to convert its content into XHTML.

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