How to Record Discord Audio with OBS Studio?

Discord is a great platform for friends and communities to come together and share conversations via voice, text, and video. Discord is aimed majorly at gamers and provides them an easy way to communicate and collaborate. Discord can be downloaded on your computer or can be used within a web browser. While the platform offers tons of features to enable and streamline a conversation, it doesn’t provide an option to record it. If you want to store the Discord audio for future reference, OBS Studio can help you. This article explains how.

What Do You Need to Record a Conversation?

Discord allows friends, gamers, and artists to talk to one another one-to-one or in a group via the internet. You can use the platform to send instant messages, voice chats, have video calls, and even share your screen. If you are looking for a tool to record whatever is being shared on the platform, OBS Studio is all that you need. If it is permissible to record other people in your country or region without taking their consent, you can start recording your conversations right away using OBS Studio. If not, it will be a great idea to take the permission of all parties involved in the conversation before you proceed.

Why Use OBS Studio for Recording Discord Audio?

OBS Studio is a video production and streaming software with primary features for audio and video recording, screen capture, and live streaming. The software offers a wide range of features for artists, gamers, streamers, and podcasters. On the one hand, OBS allows you to record and customize your videos the way you want. On the other, it also provides sophisticated features for audio recording and customization. The software is favored by a huge number of users spread across the world, resulting in a community that whole-heartedly shares useful software plugins and tutorials among people with common interests.

Though the software is mainly geared towards video creators and streamers, it can function well for various other purposes. You can use it to stream wedding ceremonies, social gatherings, campus events, birthday parties, gameplay, screen activities, and a lot more. The software supports direct streaming on tons of platforms such as Twitch and YouTube and is available for free for users on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

What Is the Procedure to Record Discord Audio Using OBS?

As OBS Studio accepts audio sources from multiple channels, including your desktop audio and microphone, you can utilize its capabilities to record the audio from Discord alongside your microphone input. You can record the entire conversation and save it as a file on your computer. Here is a step-by-step guide to doing so.

  • Start OBS Studio and go to Sources.
  • From the list, choose Audio Output Capture to select your desktop audio output for recording.
  • Click on the Create/Select Source option and name your desktop audio source.
  • Press OK to confirm.
  • Go to the Properties menu and select Device.
  • Select the appropriate output device, for example, your speakers or headphones.
  • Press OK to confirm.
  • If your system has just one output device. You can use the Default settings.
  • In the OBS window, go to the Controls section and click on the Start Recording button.

By default, OBS Studio records the audio as an MKV file with a blank video and saves it with a filename that includes the time and date of the recording.

OBS & WebRTC: Ultimate Solution for High-Quality Audio and Video Recording

OBS WebRTC by Apps4Rent on Windows 2022 – presents a powerful fusion of capabilities, offering reduced latency, which significantly decreases the delay or lag between the action being performed and the recipient perceiving it. Moreover, OBS enhances video quality with a spectrum of encoding and compression options, catering to specific application demands. Its diverse versatility extends to various content sources including gaming, webcam sources, and audio input. The financial advantage of both OBS and WebRTC being open source with no license costs underscores the economic prudence of its adoption. Additionally, its cross-platform compatibility across Windows, Linux, Mac, and portable devices broadens its reach, making OBS-WebRTC an ideal choice for diverse users seeking efficient, high-quality, and accessible online solutions.

However, incorporating WebRTC into OBS Studio introduces certain intricacies. The process of integration requires meticulous steps, such as configuring OBS Studio for seamless compatibility with the WebRTC server. This server serves as the facilitator for transmitting and receiving audio and video data. It’s crucial to fine-tune parameters in both OBS Studio and the WebRTC server to ensure a high-quality, synchronized audiovisual experience. Additionally, bolstering security with measures like SSL/TLS encryption becomes imperative. Proficiency in coding, a deep understanding of network dynamics, and mastery of the complexities of streaming video are indispensable. Success in this integration endeavor hinges on a profound grasp of WebRTC, OBS Studio, and the interconnected technologies that underpin it. With extensive expertise in OBS & WebRTC, Apps4Rent can help you set up and configure this solution on our server according to your specific needs. Get in touch to start using OBS-WebRTC.

Apps4Rent Enables Online Access for OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a desktop solution with limited features in terms of flexibility and scalability. One of the best practices associated with the installation and use of OBS Studio is cloud hosting. Hosted OBS can be accessed from anywhere and used efficiently on various devices irrespective of their operating systems. Dedicated OBS hosting services offered by Apps4Rent can enable online access for OBS Studio and help you improve its performance and stability. Contact our OBS software hosting specialists, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email, to help you use OBS Studio while on the go.

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