How to Use OBS Studio with CyberLink Director Suite?

Artists and video creators need powerful video production equipment to ensure their work renders on the user’s screen as desired. If you are looking for perfect tools to include in your next project, OBS Studio and CyberLink Director Suite deserve a share of your thought. There are multiple processes involved in creating a piece of video to broadcast online, including but not limited to recording, processing, visual mixing, editing, and encoding. Let us discuss how you can use OBS Studio and CyberLink video editing software in combination to produce videos that leave a lasting impact.

What Do You Need to Know About OBS Studio?

OBS Studio is a preferred choice of video creators, gamers, YouTubers, and podcasters. The following points provide an overview of the software.

Major Features

In addition to its basic functionality of recording and live streaming your content, OBS Studio also provides a complete set of features for visual mixing, sound mixing, quality adjustment, and customization. With features such as Grid View, Multiview, Studio Mode, and Surround Sound Streaming, the encoding software enables you to create a highly enjoyable viewing experience.

Supported Systems and Platforms

OBS Studio provides multiple presets to allow you to broadcast your content on various OTT (Over-the-Top), on-demand, and social media platforms. It is designed for Windows, Linux, and Mac computers, and can stream your content on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more than 30 such platforms.

Ease of Use

OBS Studio is easy to use and requires no training or demo. If you want to master the game of live streaming, you can connect with the OBS community that provides video tutorials, how-to guides, settings walkthroughs, and decorative elements to include in your videos.

Open-Source Nature

Despite being freeware, OBS Studio brings you advanced video recording and live streaming features commonly found in premium tools. Moreover, the community-created plugins can help OBS Studio go beyond its capabilities, thanks to its open-source nature. It also allows you to download, modify, and distribute the code of the software as you see fit.

Why Do You Need CyberLink Software?

CyberLink video editing software enables video creators to edit their videos before publishing online or burning them to a disk. It gives you excellent control over your videos through post-production editing tools. With advanced mask tools, CyberLink allows you to create realistic videos. It also allows you to trim and combine video clips with unparalleled precision. The software suite offers numerous features for color enhancement, audio editing, effects creation, and adding titles, graphics, and overlays.

Why Use OBS Studio with CyberLink Director Suite?

OBS Studio and CyberLink Director Suite complement each other with their unique features. OBS Studio can help you create high-definition videos that you can send to a streaming platform like YouTube or Facebook in real-time. You can also use OBS Studio to enhance the quality of your videos, apply effects, and adjust bitrate, framerate, and resolution before sending your videos live. However, if you need to remove an unwanted section from your video before it reaches your audience, you will need editing software like Director Suite. Thus, OBS Studio and Director Suite together create a complete video production kit for you to record, edit, and broadcast your videos.

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