QuickBooks vs Gusto – Everything You Need to Know

Payroll software plays a major role in quickly and compliantly paying your staff. However, with so many options to choose from, it may get intimidating to identify the one that fits your specific business requirements. While exploring different payroll services, it is likely to happen that you come across two highly functional and popular payroll service providers – QuickBooks and Gusto. This article attempts to compare feature-sets offered by both services to help you make an informed decision about which can solve your payroll needs better.

What Is Gusto?

Gusto is a payroll software that helps small businesses to manage their teams and run payroll with a clear payment structure. Gusto offers various payroll features related to onboarding, payment, auto-deduction for health benefits, and more. The software can integrate with your existing accounting software such as QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and many others for tracking your financial health and complying with tax services.

How to Use Payroll in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is accounting software with robust features for businesses of varying sizes. The major features include accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing, banking, sales orders, purchase orders, inventory tracking, and payroll. The software offers a unified interface to track income and expenses, accept payments, pay bills, scan receipts, and be prepared for tax time. QuickBooks also has dedicated services that can be combined with the main software for additional capabilities. QuickBooks Payroll is one such connected service to help you meet the payroll needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

Depending upon the QuickBooks Payroll service you choose, you may have access to features such as auto payroll, 401 (k) plans, 1099 e-file, and pay, direct deposit, time tracking, state forms, federal forms, client-ready payroll reports, and more.

How to Choose Between QuickBooks and Gusto?

Both pieces of software are useful and can add value to your business. Whether QuickBooks or Gusto will produce more benefits for your business will depend on your requirements and the current infrastructure of your business. If you are looking for software to run payroll, Gusto can be helpful. However, it doesn’t have accounting features, which will eventually lead you to search for another piece of software to keep your books organized and solve the rising accounting challenges.

On the other hand, QuickBooks has all the features that small and mid-sized businesses will need to track and manage their transactions with customers, vendors, banks, as well as employees. You can activate QuickBooks Payroll services in QuickBooks Desktop solutions to control both accounting and payroll using the familiar interface. The size of your business may also help you decide between QuickBooks and Gusto. The earlier one makes an ideal choice for all small to enterprise-level businesses while the latter one is suitable for small-sized businesses only.

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