How to Live Stream on TikTok with OBS Studio?

If you log in to your TikTok app and swipe up and down through the videos, you can find some TikTok artists are live streaming, and their streams are looking quite professional. You may wonder how they do it. TikTok has created a platform for video broadcasters to go live and engage with their audience in real-time. Though this naïve feature is not available to all users as of now, everyone can go live on TikTok and showcase their talent by connecting their TikTok account with OBS Studio. Using OBS Studio to live stream on TikTok can also help you customize your videos at will and enhance their quality.

What Is OBS Studio?

Open Broadcaster Software Studio, generally called OBS Studio, is open-source live streaming software preferred by video creators across the world. It can record 1920 x 1080p Full HD videos, capture your computer’s screen, and send your videos on all popular streaming platforms for playing. With numerous customization options, the software enables you to live stream your gameplay, live events, and recorded videos in high quality. OBS Studio allows you to include your camera, microphone, and stored media files as various sources in your production.

Why Use OBS for Live Streaming on TikTok?

The use of OBS Studio for live broadcasting on TikTok can enable you to use all OBS features, such as Multiview, Studio Mode, and Surround Sound Streaming, for creating highly engaging content. As millions of artists share the platform, the quality of your videos decides whether the viewer will swipe up or stay. Since the app doesn’t provide as many features as an encoding software can, connecting your TikTok account to OBS Studio enables you to go live from your desktop and add various overlays, filters, and effects, making it difficult for your audience to swipe up.

How to Connect OBS Studio to TikTok?

OBS Studio has settings options to help you play your videos and events on platforms like Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and more. Its open-source nature also allows it to connect with other live streaming apps and websites without any inconvenience. To integrate it with other platforms, you need to obtain an RTMP URL and a streaming key from the platform where you want to stream your video and then feed it to OBS Studio, which works on PCs. While TikTok has introduced a feature to stream from PCs, the feature may not be available for all countries/ devices. In such scenarios, you might have to use third-party integrations available on the internet that connect OBS Studio to TikTok. These programs require you to provide your TikTok credentials to access the RTMP URL and the streaming key. The steps involved are as follows.

  1. Start OBS Studio.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. On the left panel, click on the Stream option.
  4. Set Stream Type as Custom Streaming Server.
  5. If the feature is available, you will have the option to cast to PC/mac instead of device camera when you go live on your mobile device. You can copy the RTMP URL and Stream Key, and paste it into OBS. Alternatively, you will have to use a compatible third-party software for generating them and paste them in the given fields in OBS.
  6. Click OK to complete the process.

Once connected, you can start broadcasting from OBS Studio, and your video will come up on TikTok in a few moments.

How to Boost the Performance of OBS Studio?

Unavailability of sufficient CPU and storage resources can affect the way OBS Studio functions. Also, the installation of the software on your physical machine can restrict its availability on other devices like a smartphone, tablet, or any other computer. Hosting your applications on virtual machines, instead of your computer, can help you access it anywhere and enjoy excellent performance. Apps4Rent is a leading OBS hosting plans provider and can host your software on a virtual desktop deployed in our secure data centers and Azure environment. Contact our hosting team, available 24/7/365 via phone, chat, email for support, and inquiries.

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