BQE Core vs QuickBooks – Which Is an Ideal Solution for Your Business?

Your company’s productivity and performance highly depend on the efficiency of your accounting software. Finding the most effective accounting solution to solve your business-specific challenges requires the study of features, potential benefits, pricing, and efficiency of different products. Many of the accounting software adds value to your business in a slightly different way. This article compares BQE Core with QuickBooks to help you find out which one can ideally fit your requirements.

How QuickBooks Helps You Manage Your Accounts?

Intuit QuickBooks is financial and tax preparation software for small, medium, and large-sized businesses, accountants, and individuals. The QuickBooks product line includes QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise solutions that offer the most robust features that your business will need. The desktop solutions help you track income and expenses, invoice your customers, run reports, send estimates, track sales tax, manage bills and accounts payable, track time, track inventory, pay 1099 contractors, and run payroll.

The improved versions of QuickBooks provide features for mobile inventory barcode scanning, end-to-end sales orders fulfillment, receipt entry through mobile apps, and warehouse management. With remote access via hosting, QuickBooks Desktop solutions also offer flexibility and availability similar to any online accounting service.

What Services Does BQE Core Offer?

BQE Core is a time tracking software with accounting, invoicing, human resource, and project management features for professional services firms. The software simplifies and automates information to help business professionals such as architects, accountants, engineers, attorneys, IT consultants, and business consultants track and manage time and expenses. The major features of BQE Core software are time and expense tracking, project management, billing, automated billing, human resource, multiple contract types, e-payment enabled email invoicing, scheduled invoicing, and receipt capture on the mobile app.

How to Choose Between BQE Core and QuickBooks?

Though BQE allows you to match and leverage most features provided by QuickBooks, there is a catch. BQE Core can be subscribed for time and expense tracking features, and if you need billing and invoicing features too, you will have to pay additional costs to add a module. Similarly, you will have to upgrade your BQE Core subscription if your business requirements include project management and accounting features too. On the other hand, QuickBooks Desktop software offers all the necessary features in a single subscription.

Subscription options can also help you ease your decision. QuickBooks has monthly, yearly, and one-time-payment options, whereas BQE Core lacks one-time-payment options. With BQE Core, subscriptions can become expensive as you add modules. QuickBooks is a desktop solution and BQE is a web-based service, however QuickBooks hosting nullifies this difference.

Apps4Rent Is a Trusted Name for Cloud Desktop Hosting

If you need a unified portal to carry out different accounting, invoicing, time tracking, and inventory tracking tasks, QuickBooks ideally fits your requirements. By hosting QuickBooks on a virtual desktop, you can ensure you solve your money matters while on the go, using any available device, at any time. Apps4Rent is an Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Host and helps you host your software in virtual machines running in high-performance data centers and Azure. Reach our QuickBooks hosting specialists via phone, chat, or email for hosting plan inquiries.

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