QuickBooks Vs Crunch – Which Software Is Better for Accounting?

Are you having a tough time selecting the right product between Crunch Accounting and QuickBooks to solve the financial management and accounting challenges of your business? Both products help today’s accountants efficiently manage accounts, perform various tasks associated with the inbound and outbound flow of money, and comply with the taxing agencies. Picking the right accounting software gets easy as you gain a clear understanding of its various features and benefits. This article compares QuickBooks against Crunch to help you discover the one that can produce maximum benefits for your business.

Why Accountants Prefer QuickBooks?

QuickBooks offers multiple solutions for small and medium businesses to use online and on-premises. Desktop solutions provide better features to solve the toughest accounting challenges of your business as compared to the online alternatives. QuickBooks tools are useful for managing accounts, tracking income and expenses, accepting payments, sending invoices, creating and viewing reports, running payroll, tax compliance, and more. The high-end products such as QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise also provide sophisticated tools for inventory planning, document management, and end-to-end order fulfillment.

Which Accounting Tasks Can You Perform with Crunch?

Crunch is an online software for freelancers, contractors, and small businesses. It provides you features for managing your business finances, invoices, and expenses in real-time. The software also helps you make your business compliant and provides you support through in-house accountants. It allows you to easily set up your clients and payment terms, personalize your invoices and set up recurring invoices. Crunch can be subscribed for access to its online features and in-house accountants for support and advice. Crunch also helps you get ready for tax time while taking care of your finances.

How to Choose Between QuickBooks and Crunch?

Crunch is a simple software with basic features for freelancers and small-sized businesses. On the other hand, QuickBooks is designed for every type of accounting to benefit solopreneurs, accounting professionals, and businesses of all sizes. Crunch and QuickBooks both provide features for bookkeeping, accounting, invoicing, expense tracking, and bank reconciliation. However, there are numerous advanced features, such as inventory planning, receipt management, warehouse management, role-based access, that are available in QuickBooks only. Crunch offers support and advice for managing your accounts, whereas QuickBooks makes accounting simple enough to enable non-accounting professionals to handle financial matters efficiently.

The core product of Crunch is a cloud-based program combined with in-house accountants, while QuickBooks is a useful DIY tool for solving serious accounting use-cases. With QuickBooks, you manage your accounts, which helps you gain deep insights into your customer data. Moreover, QuickBooks integrates with a wide range of Intuit services and third-party applications, enabling you to get business tasks done.

As Crunch is an online-only application, QuickBooks Online can provide comparable features. However, for improved capabilities along with online access, you can opt for QuickBooks Desktop and host it in the cloud. Hosting gives the desktop solution the same flexibility, scalability, and portability that comes with the cloud-based accounting solutions.

Host Your QuickBooks In the Cloud to Access It from Anywhere

Depending upon your accounting requirements, the size of your business, and whether you want to share your customer data with third-party accountants, it should not be difficult to choose either of the services. If you choose QuickBooks, hosting can preserve all the features of your software and deliver it via the internet, enabling you to work from anywhere, on any device. As an Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Host, Apps4Rent hosts QuickBooks on a virtual desktop. With robust SSAE-16 data centers, we provide a reliable infrastructure to help you access the desktop software via the internet. Our services are available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email. Contact our QuickBooks hosting experts for hosting plan inquiries today.

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