QuickBooks Enterprise VS Fishbowl – Which One Is Better For Your Business?

Inventory management is one of the important things that should be added to a business. If an organization has an efficient inventory management system, it can help them save money, minimize costs, and increase their profits. It is crucial for any business because it can help them keep track of the inventory, sellers, and customers, track multiple items in the warehouse, or can also schedule a periodic visit to pick up goods that will be added to the stock. In this article, we will discuss several features of Fishbowl and QuickBooks to determine which one suits your business.

What Is Fishbowl?

Fishbowl is a comprehensive inventory and manufacturing management solution that assists in the management of supply for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps them to record and manage various accounts as well as provide a high level of control over their finances, allowing them to analyze their financial situation and make informed business decisions.

What Is QuickBooks Enterprise?

QuickBooks Enterprise is a cloud-based version of the popular financial software used to track and manage medium and large-sized business finances. QuickBooks Enterprise handles accounting, tracking expenses, and income, managing employees and inventory, filing taxes, enhanced reporting, enhanced client development, and various other features. It can also be integrated with almost 200 additional business applications.

What Are the Similarities Between Fishbowl and QuickBooks Enterprise?

Fishbowl Enterprise and QuickBooks Enterprise are both cloud-based accounting solutions that work as a complete package. Both offer tools to help businesses manage their books and expenses. Both are designed to create expense reports, invoices, and credit cards and include advanced inventorying that allows businesses to track their inventory efficiently.

What Are the Differences Between Fishbowl and QuickBooks Enterprise?

QuickBooks Enterprise includes all of the company’s financial transactions, inventory management, and tones of business management features, including all parts of the Fishbowl accounting software whereas Fishbowl is a standalone accounting package that allows businesses to create detailed financial reports directly from a desktop with drop-down menus, graphs, and analytical tools. Fishbowl is designed for small and mid-sized businesses providing easy-to-use, customizable software to run the business effectively. QuickBooks Enterprise is designed for medium to large businesses with more complex needs. It can manage larger companies with end-of-life inventory issues, or accounting that is connected to government filings.

Which Software Is Better for Your Business?

Fishbowl is great for smaller businesses, but some businesses may find it difficult to use for their company-wide accounting needs. If you want to track expenses by the office, division, or store location, QuickBooks Enterprise is a smart choice. If your business focuses more on manufacturing, Fishbowl provides lots of additional features such as assembly, disassembly, reverse, service, and repair work orders, which are not available in QuickBooks Enterprise. The main difference between the two is the platform and support for third-party applications. If you are looking for a robust platform that enables many distinct functions, then QuickBooks Enterprise is worth considering.

Apps4Rent Can Help with QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

QuickBooks Enterprise enables you to view, manage and secure your company-wide financial records in one place so you can track all projects, vendors, and employees with ease. Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on Cloud Desktop can help you to manage your company’s financial data from any device and from anywhere seamlessly.

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