How to Use OBS Studio with Pinnacle Studio?

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio and Pinnacle Studio are two powerful tools, highly favored by artists and video creators around the world. They can be used together in your video production projects to record, process, edit, and broadcast your content online. Both products provide you with highly innovative features for optimum control over the quality of the output. In this blog post, we will analyze how you can create immersive videos using these tools and stream them on your favorite video streaming platform, for example, YouTube and Facebook.

Why Include OBS Studio in Your Projects?

As a video production and live streaming software, OBS Studio provides a myriad of capabilities to video artists, gamers, streamers, and podcasters. It provides you features for video recording, audio recording, processing, and customization. The software also lets you enhance the quality and effects of your content. With multichannel sound and the ability to set up unlimited scenes, OBS Studio enables you to create highly professional videos for broadcasting on OTT (Over-the-Top) media services, on-demand video platforms, and social media channels.

OBS Studio is open-source and can be configured on Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. Moreover, it is available for free, which allows keen video creators and beginners to try its features as long as they want and get skilled at video creation. As OBS Studio is preferred by everyone for it is being free, easy to use, and full of advanced video recording and broadcasting features, it has a vast user community. Pro OBS users often share video elements to add to their productions and plugins to extend the capabilities of the software.

Why Include Pinnacle Studio in Your Projects?

Pinnacle Studio is a powerful and innovative video editing solution that enables video creators to perform basic and advanced editing tasks. It gives you excellent control over your videos and ensures unparalleled accuracy in video editing. With pro-caliber tools and creative effects, Pinnacle Studio helps you successfully accomplish your video editing projects. The consumer-level software allows you to add video, audio, and graphics from various sources into your projects. You can use Pinnacle Studio to trim, split, crop, and rotate your videos. Furthermore, you can also add titles, graphics, overlays, transitions, and effects to your videos using Pinnacle Studio.

How Do OBS Studio and Pinnacle Studio Form Perfect Gear?

OBS Studio and Pinnacle Studio offer multiple similar and unique features to help you produce high-definition videos. Both software programs have various common features for video recording, screen recording, and visual mixing. The major difference is that Pinnacle Studio doesn’t support live streaming and OBS Studio doesn’t provide video editing capabilities. However, they perform their respective functions well. You can combine them in your next project where you record videos, gameplay, and screens with OBS Studio, edit your recordings using Pinnacle Studio, and finally broadcast the output on destinations like YouTube and Facebook using OBS Studio.

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Each of OBS Studio and Pinnacle Studio offers a unique set of features video professionals crave. If you want to enjoy a fully mobile experience while using OBS, you can host it in a virtual environment. Apps4Rent offers OBS hosting plans designed to help your software deliver excellent performance even under heavy use and remain accessible across all types of devices from anywhere in the world. You can also host your Pinnacle Studio on our virtual desktops deployed in our top-tier data centers and Azure. Contact our hosting specialists via a call, chat, or email for hosting plan inquiries today.

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