OTT Linear Broadcasting with OBS Studio

Streaming content over the internet is gaining popularity while replacing conventional radio and television broadcasting. Though content consumers are making a shift towards the internet for watching their favorite shows and programs, linear broadcasting hasn’t lost its importance. OTT linear broadcasting allows consumers to enjoy a familiar viewing experience with the help of the internet on any connected device. In this article, we will explore what linear streaming is and how broadcasters can gain this ability using OBS Studio.

What Is OTT?

The acronym OTT stands for over-the-top. This media service delivers video content to viewers over the internet. OTT eliminates the need for subscribing to cable or satellite services and installing a set-top box for receiving the signal. Today, the service is widely used to broadcast Videos on Demand (VOD) as well as linear TV shows and web series.

What Is OTT Linear Broadcasting?

Today’s Videos on Demand (VOD) streaming gives viewers the ability to search for the content they want to watch, play their favorite shows according to their convenient time, and switch between the shows. In contrast, OTT linear broadcasting streams content in a scheduled manner 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, where consumers cannot control what is being played. Also, they cannot fast-forward or reverse a scene in the streaming video. In other words, OTT linear broadcasting is like traditional television or radio broadcast, delivered over the internet.

What Is OBS Studio?

OBS Studio is an encoding software recommended by many streaming platforms for live streaming your content. The primary features of the software include video recording, screen capture, customization, video quality enhancement, and live streaming on more than 30 popular streaming platforms. As the software code is open to the public, developers can write additional scripts to extend its capabilities. OBS gathers sources from your camera, microphone, and other devices to create seamless videos. The software is free to use and functions well on all Windows, Mac, and Linux machines.

How OBS Studio Helps OTT Linear Broadcasting?

The requirements for setting up an OTT linear broadcasting channel include audio and video sources, a streaming platform, an internet connection, and a professional live streaming solution. While the rest of the prerequisites are easy to arrange, live streaming software is something that demands a great piece of your attention. For linear live streaming, OBS Studio can be a great option for you. It converts the footage captured with a camera or pre-produced video files into one fluid stream that is appropriate for sending across any streaming platform.

Using OBS Studio for OTT linear streaming can enable you to adjust the quality of your streams, add various filters and transition effects, display text messages to communicate with your audience, and apply the same logo to all your videos, while your shows are being streamed.

Apps4Rent Can Host Broadcasting Software on Virtual Desktops

Linear broadcasting is now more common than ever. As a result, it is now more competitive to launch your OTT linear channel and run it 24/7. Optimizing the quality of your audio and video is very important to ensure your audience sticks around. Having the right live streaming software is already half the job done, but for the extensive use of the software to broadcast videos one after another, you will require more robust infrastructure with sufficient CPU, GPU, and storage resources. Apps4Rent brings dedicated OBS hosting plans to ensure the resources you need to continually stream your content are always at your fingertips. Connect with our OBS hosting team, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email, for hosting plan inquiries and assistance.

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