Multilanguage Live Streaming with OBS Studio

Multilanguage live streaming offered by OBS Studio is an easy and inexpensive way to broadcast a video with multiple audio streams. Until recently, this feature could have been used with highly expensive encoders designed to support multiple audio tracks exclusively. Multilanguage live streaming enables users to solve various problems of viewers pertaining to language. In this article, we will dive deep into this feature to understand how power-packed the OBS Studio application is.

What is Open Broadcaster Software Studio?

Open Broadcaster Software Studio, which is often abbreviated as OBS Studio, is an open-source application. It allows you to capture the screen of your computer, record videos using a webcam, and broadcast them on major live streaming platforms. Most importantly, it provides you with efficient tools to edit and customize your videos before sending them to your viewers. You can make changes both in videos as well as audio tracks to obtain the desired results. OBS Studio is free to download and use. Thus, it has established a vast community of users to help you whenever you need support. OBS Studio can work effortlessly on all Windows, Mac, and Linux machines.

What is Multilanguage Live Streaming?

Multilanguage live streaming is a feature offered by video recording and broadcasting software applications to enable users to stream audio-visuals in multiple languages on supported platforms. It helps video broadcasters reach a diverse audience with a wider range of languages. Generally, multilanguage streaming is offered by subscription-based software applications. However, OBS studio makes an exception by offering this feature despite being a freeware.

How OBS Studio Makes Your Audio More Pleasant?

With different customization options, OBS Studio helps you play with your audio in multiple ways. Professional-quality videos take both high-definition footage and excellent-quality audio. OBS Studio brings both the worlds together to offer you services like surround sound and multilanguage live streaming. It supports recording and live streaming up to 8 concurrent channels. OBS Studio gives you the option to choose from surround sound channels and multichannel tracks to make your production’s audio meet the highest standards.

What Do You Get with OBS Studio’s Multilanguage Live Streaming?

The multilanguage live streaming support offered by OBS Studio allows video broadcasters to stream a single-channel video with multiple audio channels. You can utilize this feature for live translation of your video’s original track to make your video reach the targeted audience. You can also use multilanguage live streaming for broadcasting audio tracks recorded in different languages to reach a broader audience where each user can choose their preferred language.

Apps4Rent Helps You Host Your Software for Myriad of Benefits

OBS Studio can be scaled to boost performance and enhance its capabilities if hosted in the cloud. Hosting also gives you the freedom to use your software from several devices like a smartphone, tablet, or a low-configuration PC. If you want to use OBS Studio to its optimum potential, you can choose to host your software in our virtual machines running on our top-tier data centers and Azure. With dedicated OBS hosting plans, Apps4Rent helps your applications deliver a lag-free performance. Contact our support team for hosting plans enquires and assistance. Apps4Rent is available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email.


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