How to Use MS Access On Android?

Microsoft Access has been the preferred entry-level database for several years, especially for small and medium businesses for three decades. The desktop application is well known for its versatility and ease of use. However, business users often have to use data stored in Access databases outside their offices. Unfortunately, MS Access works only on Windows machines. This could be challenging for users who need to access business applications powered by Access on their mobile and tablet devices. In this article, we will focus on how businesses can use MS Access on Android devices.

How To Run MS Access Databases with Android Devices?

Here are the different ways in which users can work with Access databases using Android devices.

Connecting with Remote Desktop Protocol

The most widely used technique for using Access databases with Android devices is using the Microsoft Remote Desktop App. The application allows users to access applications, including Microsoft Access installed on a Windows machine remotely using any device. However, with this method, a significant amount of cellular data will be consumed each time the MS Access database is used. Additionally, users can experience some lag in entering information and viewing records.

Transforming Access Database for Android Applications

While Microsoft Access is not available in an Android-native edition, users can convert them to use Access database content on Android devices. This is done either by syncing or migrating Access database content to mobile-friendly databases that are supported on Android. While this method is easy to use, it often entails the use of scripts for the synchronization or migration process. Also, data might not be accessible in real-time if it is synchronized with an offline Access database.

Changing MS Access to SharePoint for Web Access

One of the most reliable methods to enable web access for Access databases is to migrate to SharePoint Online in Office 365/ Microsoft 365. Users can export their data to SharePoint Lists, which can be accessed on their Android devices. This is a simple process and can be done without technical assistance. In addition to the fact that this allows users to access the database with a web browser, admins can manage authorization to the data.

Switching to Hosted MS Access

The most reliable method to use MS Access on an Android device is to host it on a virtual desktop. The virtual desktop runs on the Windows platform. Users can work on the Access database on the Android phone or tablet as they would on their Windows machine. Additionally, the Access database can be split into the front-end and back-end. The back-end database can be on a SQL Server, which is also hosted in the cloud for remote access.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Access for Android Devices

While there are other alternatives, such as the use of low-code and no-code platforms that can substitute Access, there could be a loss of functionality, especially if the Access applications are customized. While Microsoft recommends users to switch to Microsoft Power Apps which is available in Office 365/ Microsoft 365 plans, another alternative is to host Access and SQL databases in the cloud.

This ensures that the user experience remains the same even as businesses can use Access databases remotely.

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