How to Use Vertex with QuickBooks Desktop?

Vertex is a leading provider of comprehensive and integrated tax technology solutions. The solutions are designed to automate end-to-end indirect tax processes for enterprises and mid-market companies that execute complex tax transactions. With Vertex, businesses can minimize risk and support ongoing compliance and reporting requirements with better accuracy and efficiency.

Small and medium businesses can use Vertex SMB for automatically calculating accurate sales and use taxes while generating invoices. Such businesses can use Vertex with their accounting software to save time, decrease risk, ensure compliance, and outsource returns so that they can redistribute their efforts towards higher-value initiatives. In this article, we will focus on using Vertex with QuickBooks.

What Are the Advantages of Using Vertex with QuickBooks?

Integrating Vertex with QuickBooks Desktop helps businesses simplify tax complexity. Here are some of the advantages of using Vertex with QuickBooks.

  • Businesses can use real-time tax rates, perform tax calculations on invoices, prepare and file returns, and maintain product taxability in different jurisdictions and states.
  • Vertex tax technology ensures that sales and use tax become a seamless part of every transaction when integrated with QuickBooks.
  • Integration with QuickBooks automates sales and use tax. This saves business time, effort, and risks that come with the manual tax process.
  • Businesses will not have to worry about compliance issues, as the solution automates tax processes.
  • Business owners can generate sales forms as PDF files with pre-calculated taxes and their breakdowns, which can easily be processed.

How Does Vertex Work with QuickBooks Desktop?

Vertex SMB works with QuickBooks using a connector. The connector can be installed on the machine on which QuickBooks Desktop is installed, and the configuration can be set up by following the steps to link Vertex SMB with QuickBooks. Once Vertex SMB is integrated with QuickBooks, users will have web-based access for sales tax calculations. These calculations include factors such as customer address verifications, and transaction details such as estimates, invoices, sales orders, and receipts, invoices, credit memos and refunds, and other information.

Additionally, the Vertex SMB solution allows users to generate signature-ready PDFs using data from QuickBooks while creating invoices after adding various taxes based on different locations and jurisdictions. Businesses can use the data in their QuickBooks company files print, sign and file, or allow Vertex SMB to file and submit payment on their behalf. With these features, businesses will not have to keep their tax rates up-to-date manually or maintain a myriad of tax codes, as the entire process is automated.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Cloud Hosted QuickBooks

Using Vertex with QuickBooks can help automate sales and use tax compliance for small to medium-sized businesses by enabling calculations and returns in a single consolidated workflow. While Vertex is available for both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, users on the latter platform can be at a disadvantage due to the lack of online access, even though QuickBooks Desktop offers more features.

As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent can host QuickBooks in our highly secure SSAE 16 datacenters along with other financial applications. Contact our QuickBooks virtualization experts available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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