Microsoft Releases Azure Sentinel for General Audiences

Microsoft Releases Azure Sentinel for General Audiences

Organizations need to monitor threats, correlate events, and respond to incidents within their IT environment on regular basis today. SIEM products and services help enterprise security professionals to collect, analyze and prepare reports on log and event data in real-time.

Among the top SIEM vendors that dominate the market today are IBM Security QRadar, Splunk Enterprise Security (ES), McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM), and RSA NetWitness Suite. Now, Microsoft has jumped into the fray with Azure Sentinel.

Microsoft has made the Azure Sentinel available to the general public for purchase and has officially made it an Azure service offering. Azure Sentinel is a scalable, cloud-based SIEM solution that leverages Microsoft’s significant experience with security and the power of Artificial Intelligence to proactively detect, analyze, and respond to threats faster.

Azure Sentinel collects data from every possible point of vulnerability within the enterprise including users, devices, applications, and infrastructure whether on-premises or in the cloud to identify threats. It uses advanced analytics tools and artificial intelligence to detect previously unidentified threats, investigate and respond to them using built-in orchestration and automation mechanisms.

  • Seamlessly connect with several tools, apps, and services including Microsoft Solutions such as Office 365, Azure AD, Azure ATP, and Microsoft Cloud App Security, as well as third party systems and software with APIs to collect data and include them in workflows to automate tasks.
  • Allows users to draw insights from data on possible vulnerabilities on the Azure Monitor Workbooks.
  • Provides inbuilt and configurable rules to assess network behavior and identify anomalies for identifying and tracking threats apart from tools to analyze the scope and root cause of security threats.
  • Supports users in preempting security threats by providing high-value insights and configure query-based custom detection rules.
  • Community support with Microsoft security analysts assisting with workbooks, playbooks, and queries.

The cloud-native Azure Sentinel helps enterprises drastically cut down on IT infrastructure and maintenance allowing them the scale operations faster with fewer resources.

Users can avail of Azure Sentinel service with two different payment plans: Capacity Reservations and Pay-As-You-Go.

Users pay a fixed sum while opting for the Capacity Reservations plan and can avail up to a 60% discount. Plans start at $123 per 100 GB capacity per day.

Users opting for the Pay-As-You-Go pricing plan are billed based on data consumed and analyzed at the rate of $2.46 per GB.

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