Live Streaming on with OBS Studio provides you a centralized platform to stream your content and create a picture gallery. The service also offers the multi-streaming capability to both free and premium members. hosts exciting contests and allows members to vote for their favorite artists. If you want to stream your content on, you will need an RTMP encoder. There is a free-to-use piece of software on the internet called OBS Studio, which you can connect to your account and start streaming like a pro. Let’s discuss how to go live on with OBS Studio.

How Does OBS Studio Help You Go Live?

OBS Studio is designed to help you record and stream your videos and events on your favorite streaming platform. It collects input from your webcam and microphone to convert it into a seamless stream that can be played for your audience. If you explore the OBS settings options, you will find that it is quite easy to adjust the screen resolution, bitrate, and frames per second to ensure your videos play on the user’s screen in high-quality. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch users get preset options to connect their accounts with OBS Studio. The software is compatible with various systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Why Choose OBS Studio for

OBS Studio helps you record unlimited scenes, add visual effects, and go live on in a blink of an eye. It also gives you the ability to deliver an excellent viewing experience to your audience through tons of customization features and quality adjustment settings. If you love gallery, the chances are that you will also love the collection of filters, effects, and transitions offered by OBS Studio. There is a large community of OBS users, and you can connect with it if you need help in setting up your streaming sessions.

How to Connect with OBS Studio?

To live broadcast your content on with OBS Studio, you will need a streaming key and an RTMP URL from You can log into your account and copy the streaming key and URL. After that, perform the following steps to link your account with OBS Studio.

  • Open OBS Studio.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Click on the Stream tab, and change stream type to Custom Streaming Server.
  • Enter your RTMP URL and stream key in the given boxes and hit OK.

That is all, now whatever you record with your OBS Studio, will be streamed on Alternatively, you can also screencast your computer and stream pre-recorded videos.

Host OBS with Apps4Rent for a Flawless Streaming Experience

Once you integrate your OBS Studio with, it is as easy as clicking on the streaming button and appearing on the user’s screen in real-time. However, your streams may suffer from issues such as dropped frames, encoding overloaded errors, or frozen images if OBS Studio does not get a suitable environment to scale freely. This usually happens when OBS Studio is hosted on a local machine. You can subscribe to a dedicated OBS hosting plan and ensure your viewers never face any trouble while viewing your content again. OBS hosting with Apps4Rent also enables you to access your software from anywhere on any device. Contact our OBS hosting experts, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for hosting plan inquiries.

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