How to Live Stream Esports Tournaments with OBS Studio?

When it comes to powerful broadcasting software, OBS Studio is among the leaders. It is free to use for everyone and offers features that are usually found in only commercial recording and broadcasting applications. OBS Studio enables you to record your live events in high-quality videos and broadcast them on a platform of your choice. In this article, we are going to discuss how to live stream esports tournaments with OBS Studio.

Which OBS Features Make it Ideal for Live Streaming Esports?

OBS Studio is one of the most used encoding software applications available on the internet. The open-source software allows you to configure it for professional video recording and broadcasting experience. It provides a myriad of features for video, audio, input, output, and quality settings. Multiview, Studio Mode, and Grid View features make it possible to gain maximum control over your production. You can set up multiple cameras to shoot every activity taking place on the playground and choose the scene that you want to broadcast. By allowing you to set up hotkeys for quick actions such as switching between the scenes, OBS creates a perfect platform for esports live streaming.

What Equipment Is Required to Stream a Sports Event?

If you are planning to record and broadcast a sports event with OBS Studio, you will need a few basic video production tools in addition to the software. Your streaming kit will include a set of cameras, tripods, a microphone, and lighting equipment if the event is likely to last till night. OBS Studio accepts cameras and microphones as the source to create your video streams. As there is no limit on the length of your stream and OBS allows setting up infinite scenes, you won’t find any difficulty in recording the entire match and capturing every activity.

How to Enhance Your Event Broadcasting Experience?

If you want to live stream your sports events the way professionals do, you may apply filters, transition effects, and captions to your streams during your live. OBS Studio allows you to use various types of video enhancing elements in your streams to help you deliver your viewers an enjoyable viewing experience. Furthermore, OBS has a vast community of users which can be a great source of informational tutorials, settings walkthroughs, decorative elements for your videos, and software plugins to enhance the functionality of OBS Studio.

Things to Remember Before You Live Stream Esports with OBS Studio

Capturing the thrill of a sports event and steaming it online can be fun, but there are some points you must consider. As a multi-camera setup involves creating and processing multiple streams at the same time, it may put an extra load on your CPU resources. Moreover, even though OBS Studio lets you set up hotkeys for switching the scenes, how fast the action will reflect will depend on the capacity of your RAM. It is often observed that, when OBS Studio is hosted on a local machine, it leads to problems such as dropped frames and frozen images. Sometimes your viewers may also see a black screen instead of your streams. To avoid these and many such problems, you can host OBS Studio in a virtual environment.

Apps4Rent Can Help You Broadcast Esports Seamlessly

For OBS Studio to deliver seamless performance, you need to provide it with abundant resources for storage, video processing, encoding, visual mixing, live streaming, and similar processes. However, the local machines often fail to perform when the workload goes high. The virtual machines running in the cloud ensure that OBS Studio can scale according to the workload. Furthermore, the cloud environment also gives you the flexibility to access your video production studio from anywhere, on any device. As an OBS hosting service provider, Apps4Rent offers affordable plans for hosting the software in the cloud. Contact us via phone, chat, or email today.

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