Why Should You Host QuickBooks With Authorized Providers?

Modern applications require reliable infrastructure to run complex operations. While many of these applications can be installed on personal computers or servers, they are susceptible to the vagaries of hardware performance and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. This could become challenging, especially for business-critical applications such as QuickBooks. While Intuit has developed QuickBooks Online, a platform-independent version of the classic QuickBooks Desktop software, it lacks many of the features of QuickBooks Desktop and might not fulfill all the requirements of growing businesses. Therefore, hosting QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Enterprise on virtual desktops is the best alternative. Let us understand why you should host QuickBooks with authorized providers only.

Why opt for Authorized Providers for QuickBooks Hosting?

An authorized QuickBooks hosting provider can help businesses with unmatched support, along with licensing and add-on services. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for Intuit authorized services for QuickBooks hosting.

Proven Infrastructure

Intuit authorized hosted QuickBooks solutions providers have a strong infrastructure that can support several users simultaneously. They can guarantee that their data centers can handle the intensive requirements for application hosting not only for small and medium-sized businesses but also for enterprises that might require dedicated hosting for their valid QuickBooks licenses.

Financial Stability

While any business with resources to store data in servers can claim to have the ability to host QuickBooks, they are not equally reliable. There are different types of servers, and the better ones are also more expensive to maintain. When you are hosting QuickBooks Desktop with a third-party cloud solutions provider, you are entrusting them with your confidential financial data. By opting for an Intuit authorized QuickBooks hosting provider, you are guaranteed that your service provider has the financial wherewithal to keep the servers hosting your software running.

Security and Reliability

Intuit requires authorized providers to comply with some basic pre-requisites before they can render QuickBooks hosting services to customers. Such hosting services necessarily have to put in place security measures to ensure that their client information is protected at all times. This includes the ability to ensure that only a valid user can access the account/ application at a time on the virtual desktop, impose and manage restrictions on external applications to access QuickBooks data, and implement protocols to maintain uptime, security, and backups for guaranteeing service reliability.

Management Capability

Authorized QuickBooks hosting providers must have the best-in-class customer support. They have competent management teams operating round-the-clock to assist customers with hosting setup, installing the software based on license information provided to them, troubleshooting any issue that may arise due to application hosting, and resolving basic technical issues.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Protection

Authorized QuickBooks hosting service providers have well defined SLAs, both with Intuit as well as their customers. These specify the terms and conditions that all parties mutually agree concerning the hosting service as well as software. By entering into an SLA with an authorized QuickBooks hosting provider, you can be assured of factors such as service uptime, backups, security, reliability, and licensing compliance.

Apps4Rent Is an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider

There are only a handful of Intuit Authorized Hosting Providers that you can rely on for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise hosting. With plans starting as low as $24/month, Apps4Rent is one of the most affordable service providers with an enviable track record of servicing over 10,000 customers since 2003. We provide 24/7 phone, chat, and email support that is backed by a 15-day risk-free trial. Contact our QuickBooks experts for hosting plan details today.

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