Can I Open QuickBooks File Without QuickBooks Desktop?

Is it possible to open the QuickBooks file (.qbw) without installing QuickBooks Desktop software? It is generally very rare because opening a QBW format without having QuickBooks Desktop is not even thought of. It is like opening an Excel file without installing Microsoft Excel. Since there is a workaround for every issue, you can open the QBW file without having QuickBooks on your desktop to check your financial reports. As a makeshift solution, you can use the ‘Export to Excel’ feature available in your QuickBooks Desktop to export QBW files to Microsoft Excel and open it in a new location.

Opening QB extension files without QuickBooks

Every QuickBooks company file is generally saved with an extension determining the QuickBooks file. Though QuickBooks accounting software has a plethora of extensions for its files including .QBW, .QBB, .QBM, .QBX, .QBA, .QBW.TLG, .QBA, .QBA.TLG, .QBY, .IIF, .ND, and .DES extensions.

However, the popular QuickBooks extension is .QBW which is used for saving most of the QuickBooks company files. The extensions such as .QBB and .QBX are also used significantly. These files are primarily used to store all your tabulated data, financial information, letters, templates, images, and logos. Can you open these QuickBooks files without QuickBooks Desktop?

When do you need to open .QBW files without QuickBooks Desktop?

There are many instances when you will be required to open your company files without QuickBooks. If you are using a different accounting software other than QuickBooks due to any reason, but you want to open your previous QuickBooks company files. This is the most common reason where users face difficulty. They have old .QBW files on their storage, but no existing software to open it because they have switched to a different accounting application.

Another reason is the error thrown by your Windows computer. If you see the message ‘Windows can’t open this file” when you launch .QBW file, it will prompt you to choose a program to open the file.

The simplest way to open .QBW files is to export your company files to Microsoft Excel, which will convert your company file into a different format.

Steps to convert .QBW file into Excel

Go to the Start menu on your desktop. Choose QuickBooks after clicking Intuit from All Programs option. Select Open from the drop-down menu after clicking right on the QBW file you want to open. Select the Excel option on top of your monitor. Select the Export Excel option. This will save the file into Excel format. Once done, choose the Export option. Now open Microsoft Excel and search the .qbw file. If you cannot find it, search it independently. Once you locate the file, click on the file in Excel. The QuickBooks file is now an Excel file that can be opened easily.

Get help from an authorized vendor

As mentioned, if you are looking for how to open QuickBooks file without QuickBooks software on your desktop, it is very much possible. Apps4Rent helps you install QuickBooks on your cloud desktop. If you have a valid QB license, we can help you install and troubleshoot your virtual desktop so you can open your QuickBooks files from anywhere anytime. Apps4Rent is a certified QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP) and Intuit Authorized Standard Host which helps you to install your application on a Cloud platform seamlessly.

For more information, contact our experts via phone, chat, and email right away!

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