4 Reasons to Move Your Accounting Software to the Cloud

If you are a small business or a small accounting firm, you have limited IT resources. Nevertheless, your needs can be as complex as any bigger business. Your business is dependent on one or more accounting or tax software that needs to be available to in-house and external resources in a reliable and secure manner.

Is there any solution for being productive on this without incurring huge costs? Whether you are using simpler software such as QuickBooks or Sage 50, or more complex ones such as Drake, Ultratax, ProSeries, Lacerte, and advanced Sage versions, it is time to move it to a cloud-based virtual desktop.

The four reasons below tell you why it’s a good idea to migrate to cloud accounting vs traditional accounting:

Save money by outsourcing your IT infrastructure

In our experience, our small businesses customers cut their IT expenses by as much as 50% after moving to the cloud. We regularly get inquiries on cost efficiency. Some of the typical questions include: Will cloud migration save my time and money? Can I pay monthly? Do I have to bring my own license? Can multiple users access it at the same time? The answer to all the questions is a definite yes. If your finances operate within a shoe-string budget, moving to cloud will prove to be cost-efficient.

Be productive even on the go anywhere anytime

There’s a reason why many CPAs and account professionals are moving their accounting software to the cloud desktops every year. The key reason is that a cloud desktop can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, on any device – Mac, Windows, Chromebooks, Android/iOS devices. Moreover, it operates just like your physical desktop with same look and feel. That means you can work without sacrificing productivity, even if you’re relaxing at a beach.

Do not worry about data security and backups

Every cloud-based operation needs to have an automatic data backup daily. Your data is protected by a robust firewall allowing the user a secure access with SSL. The system is fast and responsive with 99.9% reliability.

Relax due to hassle-free collaboration and superb support

Do not worry about the setup, migration, onboarding, deployment and operations. The cloud service provider takes care of everything. At any point, you can upgrade/downgrade the number of users along with plans. There is Vendor Support for accounting needs, and IT Support from cloud provider for cloud-based needs.

Apart from the above mentioned obvious benefits, moving to cloud is the need of the hour. About 90% of businesses will be on cloud by 2020. Why wait when you can get the benefits right now?
What we have observed in all these years is that people are apprehensive at the beginning. But once they migrate to the cloud, it becomes one of their better business decisions in the long term. So, if you’re looking to move your favorite accounting software to the cloud, reach out to a Cloud Desktop hosting provider such as Apps4Rent today.

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