How to Create Vevo Videos with OBS Studio?

Are you willing to take your music video on Vevo? If yes, Vevo allows you to set up your own channel and be visible to the worldwide audience. Vevo TV is one of the most popular music video platforms that allow artists to create and host premium music video content on the internet. If you are an independent music video creator or a band and want to stand out with your content among millions of other video contributors, you will require a state-of-the-art tool such as OBS Studio. This article will highlight how you can create amazing videos with OBS Studio and upload them to Vevo.

How OBS Studio Helps You Create Vevo Videos?

OBS Studio is an open-source video encoder designed to offer best-in-class video recording and visual mixing features. Despite being free to use, OBS Studio provides you with the features that are commonly found in premium tools such as XSplit and Camtasia. You can use OBS Studio to create a set up for your next music album. OBS Studio also allows you to broadcast live on YouTube, Facebook, and plenty of other streaming websites. OBS-created videos can be uploaded to Vevo directly. It takes a few minutes to download and install the software on your Windows, Mac, or Linux system.

What Are the Vevo Video Creation Requirements?

Depending on your music video, you can use a single camera or multiple cameras. OBS Studio allows recording with both webcams as well as DSLRs. In addition, you will need a microphone for audio recording. You can connect your cameras and microphone with OBS Studio using the appropriate settings options. Once you have set up your cameras and microphone, you can start recording. OBS Studio combines the sources to produce videos that you can store on your local drive for uploading to Vevo.

Which OBS Features Are Critical for Music Video Creators?

  • Audio Features

    Sound is the key player in any music video. OBS Studio offers a complete package of features for sound recording and audio mixing. The OBS software helps you combine multiple sounds into one or more channels. It enables you to enhance the source’s volume level, sound effects, and more. OBS Studio supports surround sound recording and Ambisonics. Furthermore, you can also use the multichannel features to tweak different aspects of your audio and make your video sound clear, crisp, and seamless.

  • Video Features

    OBS Studio lets you film your content in full HD and apply settings to resize it according to your requirements. You can record multiple scenes using different cameras simultaneously and choose which scene to place on the screen. You can capture different angles of the artists in your album and get a high-level view of your production with the Multiview option. OBS Studio also lets you use the media files you have saved in your system. You can include images, text, and other objects to give your videos a professional look.

How to Upload Your Videos to Vevo?

Content creators can upload their videos and update their videos’ metadata manually by going to Vevo Admin, also known as Uploading to Vevo involves the following steps.

  1. Go to Ingestion and click on Upload video.
  2. Fill in the given fields and hit Create.
  3. You will be taken to a new screen, fill in the rest of the details in the given fields.
  4. You must select the genre, artist, and YouTube channel from the drop-down menus.
  5. If your channel doesn’t auto-populate, it is not in Vevo’s system.
  6. If your YouTube channel doesn’t appear, create one by going to
  7. Input start and end dates.

How to Improve Your Chances of Meeting Vevo’s Video Selection Criteria?

One of the most significant factors to get your videos selected for the Vevo platform is their quality. OBS Studio helps you create excellent-quality videos but requires you to have a robust system with massive resources. By hosting your OBS Studio in the cloud with a dedicated OBS hosting plan, you can ensure that whatever OBS needs to deliver an outstanding performance is at the reach of your fingertips. Apps4Rent offers you affordable plans and a team of OBS hosting experts for easy deployment. We are available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for hosting plan inquiries. Contact us now.

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