How to Connect OBS Studio with Google Hangouts Meet?

OBS Studio is a popular tool used by brands and video creators for live streaming videos and events. Apart from screen recording, visual mixing, and video broadcasting, OBS can also work efficiently as a web conferencing tool and control the screen activities. At the same time, many businesses use Google Meet for hosting online meetings and look for features to improve their visual experience. If you are a Google Meet user and want to improve the way you transmit audio-visuals, OBS is the tool you need. You can connect your OBS Studio with Google Hangouts Meet and use all the features of OBS Studio for your Hangouts meetings.

OBS Studio as Web Conferencing Software

Open Broadcaster Software Studio is a free and open-source program with HD recording and streaming capabilities. It can be installed on all Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. OBS allows you to record extended hours of events and screen activities. You can record videos using OBS Studio until your storage disk permits. OBS Studio can be configured with various applications for different purposes. One such integration is the OBS Studio and Google Hangouts Meet integration. When paired up with Google Meet, OBS Studio works as video conferencing software.

How Does the OBS Studio-Google Meet Integration Work?

OBS supports plenty of third-party plugins and allows users to customize the software as per their needs. As the software is open source, you can connect it with tons of other applications, including online meeting tools such as Google Meet. To integrate OBS Studio with Meet, you will need additional software that provides a virtual camera. There are many applications that offer a virtual camera for free and allows you to send the footage recorded using OBS as a video source to Meet.

What Are the Benefits of Connecting OBS with Google Meet?

  • Connecting OBS Studio with Meet allows you to stream HD videos live into your Google meetings.
  • You can capture footage using your webcam and apply a host of visual mixing features offered by OBS Studio.
  • By connecting your OBS Studio with Meet, you can utilize the advanced features of OBS to leave an impression on other participants.
  • OBS Studio includes features such as picture-in-picture that enable you to broadcast the screen of your computer and the footage captured using a webcam to explain a complex topic to your viewers.
  • You can apply eye-soothing filters, effects, and transitions to your footage, thanks to the OBS community.
  • You can adjust the quality of your videos at will.

What Is the Procedure to Connect OBS and Hangouts Meet?

Without any additional hardware or pricy tools, you can connect your OBS Studio with Google Meet. Certain free third-party applications allow you to make the footage captured through your OBS Studio available within the Google Meet software. These applications offer a virtual camera that accepts the footage from your OBS Studio and passes it to Google Meet as a source. Virtual webcam plugins are available on the internet for all Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. When you have the virtual camera up and running, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to use the footage originally captured with OBS Studio for broadcasting through Meet.

Why Host OBS Studio on Virtual Machines?

OBS Studio is one of the most widely used streaming software and can be a good starting point for various purposes. Though connecting OBS with video conferencing clients can enhance its functionality, it remains available on the same machine only where it is installed. Also, its performance will be affected by your computer’s storage capacity and CPU strength. Hosting OBS Studio on a virtual machine frees it from local infrastructure restrictions. Hosted OBS Studio delivers excellent performance on a broad range of devices, including average computers, tablets, and smartphones. Apps4Rent offers dedicated OBS hosting plans at affordable prices. Contact our hosting team available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for hosting plan inquiries.


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