AVerMedia RECentral vs OBS Studio – Which Game Recording App is Better?

As eSports and online gaming are on the rise, screen recording solutions that offer game capture and broadcasting features are preferred by most of the progressive video creators. AVerMedia RECentral and OBS Studio are two such products that enable you to convert your gaming adventures into high-definition videos. Although both applications have many similarities in terms of functionality, there are noticeable differences in their features and the benefits they produce. Further, depending on your needs, one may perform better than the other. This blog will aim at highlighting all essential features of both the software products to offer an insightful comparison.

OBS Studio – At a Glance

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio is a free and open-source program. It offers powerful features that let you capture every movement that is happening on your screen. OBS Studio doesn’t put any frustrating limitations on your recordings. It captures your gameplays in HD quality and accepts footage from your webcam and audio from your microphone. OBS allows you to save the results in the file formats of your choice or broadcast them on several streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook in real-time.

Why Use OBS Studio?

OBS is undoubtedly an ideal choice for avid gamers and professional video creators. It is equipped with HD game capture and live streaming capabilities. The feature set of OBS Studio competes with those offered by expensive tools. OBS Studio is an open-source and ad-free platform, which means you can customize it as per your requirements and personalize your videos by adding your own brand name or logo. The setup process enables you to explore various aspects of recording and broadcasting. If you ever feel a need for help whing acing the game of live streaming, the vast and helpful OBS community is always there for you.

What is AVerMedia RECentral?

RECentral is the game capture software developed and published by AVerMedia. It offers several options to record your gaming sessions, save them on your local drive, or broadcast online. AVerMedia RECentral addresses your game capture and live streaming needs. There are two unique versions available for Windows and Mac systems. Also, each of these versions requires different hardware resources to work efficiently. AVerMedia gives you the option to stream HD and 4K quality videos, provided you purchase additional AVerMedia devices like capture cards and streaming kits to get the desired results.

OBS Studio vs AVerMedia RECentral – In Comparison

As OBS Studio is an open-source program, it can be customized in numerous ways, and the configuration process itself can be a fun experience. On the other hand, AVerMedia requires an in-depth study of your game capture requirements before selecting the correct version and devices. While both AVerMedia RECentral and OBS Studio software solutions can be downloaded and installed for free, AVerMedia RECentral requires you to purchase devices sold separately by AVerMedia. The OBS software is compatible with all Mac, Linux, and Windows-based computers, while AVerMedia RECentral can only be installed on Windows and Mac systems. On OBS Studio’s side, there is a vast OBS community to help new users with their experience and technical hold on the software. AVerMedia users may have to invest considerable time and effort in finding the resolution of their problems.

How Apps4Rent Helps You Extract More Value from Your Software?

As you now have a clear idea of the advantages and limitations of both the AVerMedia and OBS live streaming products, you must be in a better position to decide which program can work out well for you. While both solutions allow HD game recording and live streaming, OBS Studio has fewer restrictions in terms of hardware and operating systems. Regardless of which software you choose to record and stream the long hours of gaming sessions, hosting it on a virtual desktop can boost performance. Apps4Rent offers affordable OBS hosting plans to help you derive more value from your OBS application. We can also host AVerMedia software in our top tier data centers and Azure. We are available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for hosting plan inquiries and assistance.


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