What Is Adobe Super Resolution?

Adobe released a new feature called Enhance Super Resolution in Camera Raw 13.2 in March 2021. The pixels project is a revolutionary new technology that uses artificial intelligence to upsize photos improve their quality by boosting their apparent resolution. Usually, digitally enlarging photos result in blurry details. However, with Super Resolution, it is possible to […]

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Adobe Illustrator System Requirements

Adobe Illustrator helps you create vector-based, highly scalable graphics such as fonts, shapes, drawings, icons, and logos. The graphics designing tool is widely used for creating non-complicated material that has to be scalable. If you are wondering whether your system can run Adobe Illustrator or not, the technical specifications outlined in this article can provide […]

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Adobe Photoshop System Requirements

Adobe Photoshop is arguably the most well-known photo editing software. It has tools for creating, editing, and improving visual designs and photos that are useful for everyone ranging from novice designers to professional photographers. With features to add layering to images for flexibility and depth, adjusting and cropping images, adding filters and scenes, and amalgamating […]

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