How to Build an Access Database to Share on The Web?

My businesses that are at least a decade old have used the Microsoft Access database for their daily operations. As organizations grow and embrace the remote working model, there is a growing need to share data in these Access databases with colleagues and employees in other branches, and with other remote workers. However, these traditional Access databases are often installed on computers and servers in the office premises making it challenging for external users to work on the data. While some organizations switch to cloud-native solutions such as SharePoint Online, it might not be practical for others to upgrade. In this article, we will explore some ways in which Access databases can be shared on the web.

What Are the Different Ways to Share Access Databases Online?

Organizations can share their Access databases online in many ways, and the circumstances and requirements typically determine the best possible method. Here are some ways to share Access database online applications.

Sharing Access Data with SharePoint

There are primarily two ways of sharing Access data on a SharePoint site that can be accessed using the internet.

SharePoint and Access can be linked with each other. By doing so, users can view and edit data in both applications without creating duplicate content. This method of linking the data is useful when there is a need to run queries and generate reports based on the contents of a SharePoint list without having to copy the data into the Access Database.

The other option is to move data from the Access database to a SharePoint site. While doing so, these SharePoint lists that are linked to the tables in the Access database are created on a SharePoint site. The Export Tables to SharePoint Wizard option can be used to move data from tables while maintaining the relationships.

Users can save Access database files in OneDrive or a SharePoint document library for online use. However, this method is not recommended because these files can be locally edited and re-uploaded, creating duplicate copies. This could result in inconsistencies and unexpected errors.

Access Database Cloud Hosting

The more flexible and secure way to share the Access database on the web is to host it in the cloud. In this method, both the Access database and Access Runtime are installed on servers in secure data centers. Users can run the shared Access database using any device, such as Android, Windows, or Mac that can be connected to the internet.

Depending on the deployment, each user can either have a fully licensed copy of Access to use the database online or have Access Runtime installed on individual cloud desktops with they can work with data in the Access database that runs separately on the server.

With this method, several users can access the same database, and only user actions, such as screen refreshes, mouse clicks, and keyboard presses are transferred over the internet making it a more secure option.

Apps4Rent Can Help in Moving Access Databases Online

There are several complexities involved in making an on-premises Access database accessible over the internet. Not only are there additional security and compatibility challenges, but cost escalations as well if the modernization is not managed properly.

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