BlackLine vs QuickBooks – Let’s Discover Which One Is More Powerful

Are you having a hard time selecting a product for your organization to solve financial and accounting challenges? There are multiple products designed with complex accounting and financial management challenges in mind. However, choosing one that can streamline almost all your business transaction associated processes is not easy. This article produces a summary of features, working mechanism, and benefits of two powerful accounting software programs – BlackLine and QuickBooks – to help you decide which one can be more profitable for your business.

How Does QuickBooks Help your Business?

QuickBooks has multiple web-based as well as desktop solutions optimized for small and medium businesses. It enables accounting professionals to track and manage accounts, send invoices, organize data to generate reports, run payroll, and more. The more sophisticated products, such as QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise, also make it easy to plan inventory, manage receipts, and track end-to-end order fulfillment. QuickBooks also offers you features to perform various management tasks like providing role-based access to employees, assigning jobs, and tracking progress. There are dedicated QuickBooks editions for retail, contractors, manufacturing and wholesale, nonprofit, and more. The software features an easy-to-navigate and efficient interface.

How Does BlackLine Help Your Business?

BlackLine offerings include modules for centralized reconciliation, journaling, transaction matching, variance analysis, and more, for all types of companies, irrespective of their size. It is a cloud offering for performing account balance reconciliation and can be easily integrated with various ERP systems and financial software applications such as SAP and QuickBooks. BlackLine offers tools for intercompany processing, open item tracking, approval workflows, consolidation validation, audit trails, and regulatory compliance. BlackLine software also allows accountants to track multiple transactions, manage exceptions, and create custom reports.

How to Choose Between BlackLine and QuickBooks?

Both BlackLine and QuickBooks include features for accounting and financial management. However, there are also multiple unique features both the programs have for businesses of different sizes. The key features of BlackLine revolve around journaling, reconciliation, and automation of workflows, while QuickBooks focuses on accounting, invoicing, billing, banking, payroll, inventory planning, and associated processes. For example, QuickBooks enables you to keep your books organized, while BlackLine can help you easily import transactions and balances from QuickBooks and validate it with source data to ensure integrity and accuracy.

So, to answer your question, whether QuickBooks or BlackLine will be more suitable for your business will depend largely on your business-specific requirements. You can also consider using BlackLine with QuickBooks Enterprise to overcome accounting, finance, and reconciliation challenges with a minimum workforce as both programs use automation to reduce mundane and time-consuming tasks. Integrating BlackLine with QuickBooks can also help you reap the benefits of BlackLine without having to deploy a large ERP system, like SAP or Oracle, thereby saving a considerable amount of time and money in the long run.

Host Your Software in the Cloud and Access It from Anywhere

BlackLine consolidates data into one centralized repository, giving you visibility into your reconciliation processes. The service is available online and can be accessed from anywhere. QuickBooks Desktop solutions give you more powers and controls to track and manage your accounts and transactions with customers, vendors, banks, and more. QuickBooks can be taken to the cloud via hosting. Hosting makes it possible for you to access your books on the go and remain up to date for audit trails, tax compliance, and more. Apps4Rent is an Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Host and helps you to take QuickBooks Desktop solutions to the cloud in no time. Contact us today via phone, chat, or email to know more about QuickBooks hosting plans and deployment.

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