Moodle System Requirements

Moodle is a learning software application that provides teachers, educators, administrators, and students with a powerful system to create personalized learning programs. It is a robust, secure, and integrated system that offers you a fully working toolset to create an efficient learning environment. Moodle is available on the internet for you set up on your system and use for free. Let’s explore the salient features of this software and discuss how you can install and use it on your computer.

What Are the Advantages of Using Moodle?

  • Moodle is an open-source program and is available for free to download and use. It means you can use the learning management system and install various plugins as and when required.
  • You can use Moodle for conducting e-learning projects in schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, training rooms, and other sectors.
  • Moodle helps you set up webinars, online classes, remote training sessions, and workshops.
  • It is designed to enable educators to create e-courses with a focus on bidirectional communication and collaborative construction of course material.
  • With numerous customization features, Moodle helps you create private webpages with online courses to attain your teaching and training goals.
  • Being an open-source program, Moodle allows you to extend its functionality through community-created plugins and tailor the learning environment you have created as per your requirements.

What Are the System Requirements for Using Moodle?

Installing Moodle on the on-premises server requires a web server with PHP and a database system. Alternatively, you can also install Moodle on your personal computer with a Moodle installer package, based on your operating system, that provides everything required to run the software, including Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The installer packages are available for both Mac and Windows systems.

Hardware Requirements

Your system must have a minimum of 200 MB of disk space plus as much as needed to store the files. The minimum memory space requirement for Moodle is, thus suggested, 5 GB. Your computer must at least have a 1 GHz processor. However, a 2 GHz dual-core or faster processor is recommended. Your system will require a minimum of 512 MB of RAM, while 1 GB or more of RAM is recommended on a computer and 8 GB or more of RAM on a large production server. It is advised to deploy separate servers for the web front-end tools and the database.

Server Requirements

It is recommended to download and install the latest versions of the software and operating systems, while the minimum requirements are Moodle 3.5 or later versions, PHP 7.2.0 for up to Moodle 3.8, and PHP 7.3.x and 7.4.x for Moodle 3.8 onwards. Likewise, you will need PHP extension mbstring, which was earlier only recommended.

Browser Requirements

Moodle is supported by most of the standard-compliant internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. However, Moodle 3.10 is not compatible with Internet Explorer 11. For best use and security concerns, up-to-date browsers are recommended.

Database Requirements

Moodle will need one of the PostgreSQL 9.6, MySQL 5.7, MariaDB 10.2.29, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and Oracle Database 11.2 or the latest stable version of them. While Moodle supports all these database servers, it is recommended to upgrade your software to the latest version before installation.

Get Moodle on Cloud with Apps4Rent

Moodle is an open-source learning platform and offers a free download option but requires both a wide range of hardware resources and technical expertise to make it work securely online. You can consult one of the Moodle deployment engineers at Apps4Rent to assist you. Apps4Rent can host Moodle on servers in our top tier SSAE 16 data centers for delivering a secure, scalable, and high-quality learning experience.

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