What is Azure AD Privileged Identity Management?

Organizational resources are increasingly being attacked by threats from outside and within. A simple username and password are no longer enough to protect resources especially when threats emanate from within the organization. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Privileged Identity Management (PIM) is an offering that empowers organizations to manage, control, and monitor their Azure AD, Azure, and other Microsoft Online Services resources. Azure AD PIM allows organizations to monitor the activities of users who have been assigned privileged roles for managing Azure resources. Let us delve into the capabilities of Azure AD Privileged Identity Management and explore how it can benefit organizations.

Capabilities of Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management

Azure AD PIM helps organizations mitigate risks from excessive, unnecessary, or misused access permissions to sensitive organizational resources. Here are some of the most important features of Azure AD PIM.

  • Azure AD PIM provides just-in-time access to resources on Azure and Azure AD.
  • Use start and end dates to provide time-bound resource access.
  • Make authorization mandatory for activating privileged roles.
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) for activating any role.
  • Require justification when users are being activated.
  • Generate notifications when privileged roles are activated.
  • Perform access reviews to maintain user role enforcement requirements.
  • Provide internal or external audit history.

Why Use Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management?

Azure AD PIM provides an efficient method for organizations to restrict the number of people who can access sensitive information thereby minimizing the chances of malicious attacks and inadvertent impacts on such resources. Not only can organizations give certain users just-in-time (JIT) privileged access to Azure and Azure AD resources, but also monitor users with those privileges. Let us explore some scenarios which involve the use of Azure AD PIM.

Monitor and Manage Privileged Role Administrator Permissions

A privileged role administrator or Global administrator can manage assignments and grant access to specific roles other administrators and users. Here are some permissions that such users can manage.

  • Authorize certain admins to approve specific roles.
  • Identify certain users or groups who can grant permissions to certain requests.
  • Keep track of the history of requests and approval for users with privileged roles.

Manage Approver Permissions

Global admins can manage and review the permissions for users with approver privileges.

  • The list of pending requests with an approver can be viewed.
  • Approve or decline permissions individually or in bulk for role elevation.
  • Justify either approving or rejecting requests.

Grant and Manage Permissions for Eligible Roles

Users can request permission for certain roles and privileges. Here are some scenarios involving permissions for eligible user roles that can be managed from Azure AD PIM.

  • Users can request permission from an admin to activate a role that requires approval.
  • The status of the request to activate a role can be viewed by users.
  • Tasks in Azure AD can be completed once the activation is approved.

Requirements for Using Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management

Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management requires directories to have valid licenses for the features to work. Azure AD Premium P2 licenses must be assigned to the right administrators and users for performing the tasks mentioned below.

  • Performing/ accessing access review.
  • Assigning Azure resource role with JIT or time-based assignments.
  • Approving or rejecting role activation requests.
  • Qualifying for Azure AD roles managed using PIM.

Note that Global Administrators and Privileged Role Administrators who set up PIM, configure policies, receive alerts, and set up access reviews do not require Azure AD Premium P2 licenses.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management is available only with Azure AD Premium P2 license that can be purchased as a standalone solution or as a part of certain Microsoft 365 plans. As a tier 1 Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent not only helps you identify the right Azure solution for your organization but also provides Azure services at promotional prices. We are available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email. Contact us today to know more about Azure AD PIM.

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