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Move your Accounting Software Online

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Move your Accounting Software Online

Consolidate your favorite accounting software licenses onto a Cloud Hosted Desktop. Use multiple versions of popular desktop accounting and tax software such as: QuickBooks, Sage 50, Drake, ProSystem, ProSeries, Ultratax etc. See related videos.

Retain your Desktop Experience

On our hosted desktops, your tax and accounting programs operate and integrate exactly as if the programs were loaded on a hard drive. Your investment in training and licenses is not wasted. Go with the software version you are comfortable with instead of being forced to upgrade when you are not ready.

Access from Anywhere

Access securely over the internet from the office, home, or on the road. Use your desktop accounting application from a PC or Mac, iPad or Android tablet, thin clients, and smart mobile devices.

Get Flexibility

Allow your accounting staff to remotely work from home, other offices, or the client's site. Offering life/work balance options such as flextime and telecommuting can help you maintain qualified staff and avoid a talent shortage. Particularly useful during crunch time in the Tax season.

Focus on your Accounting Tasks

Chances are you didn't become an accountant to be a technology expert, although, it may feel like it. Focus on your core competencies instead of on IT. The advantage of the cloud is that we can take care of your technology, and you take care of your business.

Save Time and Money

Don't have unused machines or licenses lying around. Allow staff to use their own devices securely. Save time from IT tasks, and time is money.

Get Peace of Mind

Your data is safe with us. Our hosted desktops are available round the clock. And our support staff are also available 24/7.

Hosted Desktop for Accounting Software

I am a CPA. I can take on more clients due to Hosted desktops.

Clients use different software for accounting, so I need to do the same. With hosted desktops, I can bring on temporary workers during crunch periods very quickly.

I am a Lawyer. Every missed billable labor or expenses is a loss to business.

Accounting software on hosted Desktops helps my whole firm to track billable hours and expenses better thereby improving cash flow and decreasing working capital requirements.

I am a Plumber. I need to use the time on the road better.

I can access my accounting software using my iPad and can provide quick estimates and invoices.

I am a Bookkeeper. I like the flexibility to work from home.

I have persuaded my small business clients to install their accounting software on hosted desktops . I can then maintain their books regularly giving small business owners a snapshot of their business at any time.