AccuLynx for QuickBooks

AccuLynx is a cloud-based roofing software designed for gutter, roofing, siding, and other exterior construction. Contractors can use this software for business management and customer relationship management. It manages all the aspects of business, including projects, scheduling, activities, task, production, estimating, material ordering, workflows, and communication.

This piece of software manages a project from start to finish. Furthermore, it offers sharing documents, aerial measurement reports, and materials. Team members can use the software to access videos, collateral, and photos required to complete the job. One of the best things is the reporting tool that provides information related to the status of the job and team performance.

Integrating QuickBooks with AccuLynx provides you with project management tools to help you track the progress and cost of the project from a single platform. In this article, let us examine the uses of integrating AccuLynx with QuickBooks Desktop.

What Are the Advantages of Integrating AccuLynx with QuickBooks?

Managing finance is an essential aspect of a business. It is essential to manage the flow of cash to ensure business growth. Integrating AccuLynx with QuickBooks can streamline the process. This results in the following benefits:

  • Removes Double Data Entry

    If your company is already using QuickBooks, your staff will most likely manage day-to-day entry and process invoices. By integrating AccuLynx, your team does not need to do double entry. All your data will be automatically synced to both AccuLynx and QuickBooks accounts. Furthermore, the integration will not affect the operations of the accounting team.

  • Minimizes Human Errors

    We all familiar with the fact that humans can make mistakes. There is a chance that a person is busy and makes a mistake. But with AccuLynx, you do not need to worry about reading illegible handwriting because all the information will be handled electronically.

  • Manage Item Codes and Contract Amounts

    Whenever AccuLynx sends a contract to QuickBooks, it will automatically be itemized based on how the accounts department operates. Managers have the flexibility to categorize the data and gain an overall perspective of profitability.

Why Host AccuLynx and QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud?

At this point, every company is familiar with the cloud. There is no doubt that it is a secure place to store data. Many medium and large-size businesses have moved to the cloud for convenience, flexibility, and security.

Here are some reasons that you should consider hosting AccuLynx and QuickBooks in the cloud:

  • Improved Accessibility

    One of the most important benefits is that you can access your company’s data from anywhere. All you need is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. With a traditional storage solution, you have to be on the premises to access information.

  • Better Security

    Keep in mind that your data will be stored on powerful servers located in several locations. The hosting provider is responsible for the maintenance and security of the cloud. These companies will keep your data secured. They all provide enterprise-level security to ensure the highest level of protection.

  • Maintenance-Free

    You can build your own IT infrastructure to store sensitive information. But it can cost you much more when you include the maintenance cost. A hosting provider will charge you a low monthly fee and will handle all the maintenance.

Why Host AccuLynx and QuickBooks Desktop with Apps4Rent?

Integrating AccuLynx with QuickBooks can help manage your projects more efficiently and saves time and money. Hence, it is essential to hosting such important software in the cloud service that you can trust. Apps4Rent is an Intuit Authorized hosting provider that offers the best performance thanks to its Super-Fast SSD storage. You will have the same experience as you are using it on a physical computer. Furthermore, it offers connectivity with other devices like printers, monitors, and scanners.

Apps4Rent hosts QuickBooks and other such applications in our top-tier SSAE 16-level datacenters. We offer a 99.9% uptime guaranty, daily backups, maintenance, and security. Our expert support service is available round-the-clock via chat, email, and phone.

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