How to Use OBS for Apple iOS Devices?

When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, it revolutionized the way people communicated with each other and transmitted information. Today, with a powerful camera, extensive application ecosystem, and incredible ease of use, it is as much a business tool as a personal device. With live streaming becoming a mainstream profession, many iOS device owners have started exploring the possibility of using their iPhones and iPads for broadcasting their content. Many users are comfortable with OBS for encoding their streams. However, OBS is not yet supported on iOS devices for this application. In this article, let us examine OBS Studio can be used to stream high-quality video using iOS devices.

Why Use OBS with iPhone for Livestreaming?

In many cases, users find that their iOS devices have better video recording quality than their webcams and camcorders. Here are some reasons to use OBS with iPhone for live streaming.

  • OBS is one of the most flexible open-source professional broadcasting platforms available with a wide range of features.
  • As a full-featured encoder, it offers several more options as compared to similar web apps designed for broadcasting.
  • OBS can be customized based on unique requirements, a capability that not many web apps can offer.
  • OBS supports a wider range of streaming formats ensuring that the content can be broadcasted to most of the widely used platforms without issues.
  • It can be used for low-latency streaming.

What Are Some Typical Uses Of Using iPhone with OBS for Streaming?

The excellent camera quality of iPhones has enabled videographers and streamers to do away with camcorders and full broadcasting crews for events, such as product launches, town halls, and fundraisers. Here are some typical cases in which using OBS with iOS devices is an ideal solution.

  • Gamers can add wide-angle shots to their gameplay to add contrast to their streams.
  • Musicians, podcasters, and video jockeys can add a video to their broadcast while filming their show.
  • Teachers can broadcast experiments and live lectures over the internet or local area network (LAN).

What Are the Different Ways Of Using OBS with iOS Devices?

There are primarily two methods to use iPhone cameras to stream with OBS.

  • Using Apps

    Several apps can turn the iPhone camera into a webcam, and then broadcast the content with the iOS device as a video source. While many of them are subscription-based services, some are free with in-app purchases. Although these apps are specifically designed for the specific use of streaming, the challenge with these apps is that most of them are built by third-party developers that either restrict the features or charge for them. Moreover, users have to rely exclusively on the developers for support.

  • Using OBS Hosting

    The second option of using an iPhone camera for live streaming with OBS is with a hosted virtual desktop. These virtual desktops can be accessed not just on iPhones and iPads, but on any internet-enabled device, giving users a device-agnostic method for live streaming. Moreover, the same virtual machine can host feature-rich local RTMP servers that provide a wide range of streaming options.

Apps4Rent Can Provide Customized OBS Hosting Solutions

While OBS is by far the most flexible and affordable solution, especially when there is a need to steam with multiple iPhones, setting it up could be challenging for streamers with limited technical skills.

As a Microsoft and Citrix Partner, Apps4Rent provides GPU-enabled virtual desktops for OBS cloud hosting with cutting-edge technology for high-quality, low-latency streaming. Contact our OBS cloud-streaming experts, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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