SharePoint 2010 Access Services

Another SharePoint Server 2010 feature which cannot go unnoticed is the Access Services. Access Services is a service in SharePoint 2010 that allows administrators to view, edit, and configure a Microsoft access application within a Web Browser. Access Services settings support backup and recovery, regardless of whether there is a UI setting in Central Administration. […]

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SharePoint 2010 Logging Database

As mentioned in other posts, SharePoint 2010, without doubt, is a bunch of exciting features and options. And one of the features that really enthuses me in SharePoint 2010 is the Logging Database feature. Logging Database, named as WSS_Logging, helps aggregate logging data or information from the server farm into one central location. SharePoint aggregates […]

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What is Decomposition Tree in SharePoint 2010?

What is a Decomposition Tree? PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint 2010 introduces the decomposition tree, an interactive arrangement of bar charts that makes it easy to explore contribution relationships. It provides an effective alternative to the “Drill Down To” feature in analytic charts. How is Decomposition Tree Useful? The Decomposition Tree is particularly useful because it […]

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