Session-Based QuickBooks

Save 18% on 24-month payment
Save 10% on annual payment

Money-back guarantee 15 days
Free setup
Number of users 1
Optional add-on users $29.95/user/month
Genuine QuickBooks licenses available
As a QuickBooks Solution Provider, Apps4Rent offers competitive prices for QuickBooks licenses. Please check with our sales agents for current promotions.
At additional cost
QuickBooks Editions Supported
Supports general industry only. For other industry-specific flavors, choose Dedicated plan
Supports general industry only. For other industry-specific flavors, choose Dedicated plan
SSD disk space
Additional space @ $1/GB/month
5 GB
RAM Grid-powered
Individual desktop resources can burst up to the total available RAM and CPU resources in the grid.
vCPU Grid-powered
Individual desktop resources can burst up to the total available RAM and CPU resources in the grid.
Office 365 suite $13/month/user
Standalone MS Excel $8/month/user
Daily backup
Drag and drop file transfer
Access through remote desktop and browser
Access with PC, Mac, Chromebooks, Linux, Android, iOS devices
Works on tablets/smartphones
Date/time defined access
Encrypted data transfer
SSAE-16 Type II certified data centers
Password-protected idling
File type blocking
User-level app access
Print locally
Access local drives
Multi-monitor support
Multi-platform access
Auto display users local time
Free migration assistance
24/7/365 Support by phone, chat, and email
Updates & maintenance
15-day risk-free trial
Discount on annual payment
Maximum response time 15 minutes

Save 18% on 24-month payment
Save 10% on annual payment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What is session-based QuickBooks hosting?

  2. As the name suggests, the session-based plan is based on the session virtualization technology, which dynamically allocates resources such as RAM, vCPUs, and licensed applications every time a user creates a session to use their cloud virtual desktop. Practically, the virtual desktop infrastructure is optimized to run only the key applications, in this case, QuickBooks and Office 365, and does not allow custom installation of other applications. The virtual desktops are persistent and include allocated disk space to store data files.

  3. How is session-based hosting different than dedicated hosting?

  4. Session-based hosting is different than dedicated hosting in the way it is hosted on a server. In dedicated hosting, a virtual machine is essentially a PC hosted in the Cloud, and one can install the applications one wants including QuickBooks. In session-based hosting, the computing resources are optimized to run QuickBooks and a few essential applications such as Office. Each session gets the maximum usage out of available resources, delivering better performance than dedicated machines of comparable price. The session virtualization technology is a mature and reliable technology, which is easier to implement and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

  5. I only use QuickBooks and Microsoft Office. Why is session-based plan recommended for me?

  6. If your primary intention is to use only QuickBooks and Office software in the Cloud, you are better off with a QuickBooks centric session-based plan. Your users can access QuickBooks application and data from anywhere, while getting great performance for a reasonable price. Apps4Rent’s plan comes with sufficient data storage (5GB) on fast responding SSD drives. You can have multiple users in your account and use your QuickBooks licenses.

  7. Can I use session-based plans for all QuickBooks editions and versions?

  8. No. If you are using QuickBooks Pro, you can use session-based plan without any further conditions. For QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise edition, you can use session-based plans for the General industry. If you need any other specific industry besides the General industry, you must use the QuickBooks Dedicated plan. This is because Intuit allows only one industry to be configured on one virtual machine. You cannot change the industry in session-based plans. If you need to change your industry, you must change your plan to our Dedicated QuickBooks plans.

  9. Can I use session-based QuickBooks desktops for multiple users?

  10. Of course. You just purchase as many session desktops as the number of users you want, and we will map the users to access shared storage for QuickBooks files. Of course, you will also need multi-user QuickBooks licenses.

  11. Is there anything which I don't get in session-based plans?

  12. Practically, you get the same functionality and user experience of a dedicated virtual desktop in the session-based plans. The only difference is that you cannot install custom applications of your choice in a session-based desktop.

  13. On the other side, what is one particular advantage of dedicated virtual desktop over session-based desktop?

  14. A dedicated machine can be customized as per the user requirements; other applications besides QuickBooks and Office can be installed on a dedicated virtual desktop. A session-based virtual desktop is standardized for all users and is designed to host only a limited number of applications.

  15. Is Apps4Rent's session-based desktop persistent or non-persistent?

  16. Apps4Rent's session-based desktops are persistent. Even after the session ends, all your data is saved and is available next time you begin the session.

  17. How do I get started with the purchase of the session-based plan?

  18. You can click on the "Buy Now" button above and you will be shown the step to proceed further. Purchase as many desktops as the number of users you wish. After purchase, our support team will coordinate with you to create the users and their mapping. Thank you for choosing Apps4Rent.