What is Microsoft Entra ID?

In today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and prevalent, ensuring robust security measures has become paramount for businesses of all sizes. Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory aims to empower businesses with comprehensive security solutions that enable them to defend against threats, maintain regulatory compliance, and create a secure digital environment for their operations. However, Microsoft has made an announcement to rebrand Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), its enterprise identity service, to Microsoft Entra ID by the end of this year. Alongside this transition, Microsoft has also unveiled two new services, Entra Internet Access, and Entra Private Access, designed to enhance secure access to corporate resources. In this article, we will explore the details of Microsoft Entra ID.

What Will Remain Similar Between Azure AD and Microsoft Entra ID?

As part of this rebranding effort, the standalone license names are being updated, however, these changes will have no impact on the service’s capabilities. The wide range of capabilities and licensing plans offered by the service will remain unaffected. The sign-in URLs and APIs will continue to operate in the same manner, ensuring seamless access and integration with other systems. Furthermore, it will have no impact on existing deployments, configurations, and integrations. Users who have already set up and customized their systems can continue to rely on them without any issues. The transition to the new name will not require any modifications or adjustments to the existing setup, preserving the continuity of operations.

Which Plans Are Renamed Under the Microsoft Entra ID?

Microsoft has introduced new license names for Microsoft Entra ID for the following plans:

Azure AD Free > Microsoft Entra ID Free

Azure AD Premium P1 is now Microsoft Entra ID P1 (also included in Microsoft 365 E3)

Azure AD Premium P2 is now Microsoft Entra ID P2 (also included in Microsoft 365 E5)

Azure AD External Identities is now Microsoft Entra External ID

These updated names, which will apply to the various licensing plans, do not alter the service’s functionality. Users can expect their deployments, configurations, and integrations to continue working without disruption.

Which New Services Are Launched by Microsoft?

In addition to rebranding, Microsoft has also launched two new services, Entra Internet Access and Entra Private Access. These services are currently available in public preview and have been developed to offer secure access to corporate resources:

  • Microsoft Entra Internet Access

    This innovative solution offers enhanced levels of security and streamlined accessibility by implementing an identity-centric secure web gateway (SWG) solution. This provides enhanced protection for public-facing web services. Admins can leverage Conditional Access to control and restrict visitor access to these services, bolstering security measures for organizations.

  • Microsoft Entra Private Access

    This VPN-like service enables secure remote access to internal corporate resources. With Entra Private Access, organizations can implement a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) model, reinforcing the security of private applications and resources. This service facilitates secure remote work scenarios, allowing employees to connect to sensitive systems and data from anywhere while maintaining the highest levels of security.

Apps4rent Can Help You Secure Your Organization with Microsoft Entra ID

As cyber threats continue to evolve and pose significant risks to businesses, Microsoft’s rebranding of Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID, along with the introduction of Entra Internet Access and Entra Private Access can help businesses fortify their defenses, mitigate risks, and create a secure environment where users, applications, and data are protected.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Apps4Rent provides Microsoft Entra ID licenses and can help businesses harness the full potential of Microsoft Entra ID to enhance security, streamline access controls, and simplify identity management across the organization. Contact our Microsoft-certified cloud experts, available 24/7/365 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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