Microsoft Entra ID vs Azure Active Directory (AD)

Microsoft recently announced a new product family called Microsoft Entra, which focuses on providing online identity and access protection for businesses. As part of this announcement, Microsoft decided to rename the existing Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) service to Microsoft Entra ID, aligning it with the Entra product lineup. The new plans are named as Microsoft Entra ID Free, P1, P2, and Governance.

In addition to the name change, Microsoft introduced two new products under the Entra family:

Microsoft Entra Internet Access: This product offers a Secure Web Gateway, providing employees with secure access to the internet and Microsoft 365 services. It enhances security by ensuring protected connectivity for users.

Microsoft Entra Private Access: This product enables secure access to a company’s private applications. It establishes secure connections to internal applications, ensuring controlled and protected access.

These new products aim to enhance online security and access control for businesses. It’s important to consult the official Microsoft documentation or website for the most accurate and up-to-date information on Microsoft Entra and its associated services.

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