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Our Azure Active Directory Deployment Services

Get our comprehensive Azure AD deployment services for configuring authentication, hybrid deployment, threat management, and governance. As an Azure CSP, Apps4Rent also offers low cost and premium Azure AD subscriptions at the same price as Microsoft. Submit your requirements today.

Secure Authentication

Single Sign-On

Get access to thousands of applications with a Single Sign-On with just one set of credentials, reducing the number of sign-in prompts which saves time.

Self-Service Password Reset

Reset password by your own self without any help from the system administrators. Reduce support costs for password issues as users can unblock themselves.

Multi Factor Authentication

Sign-in using a prompt to enter a code on mobile devices or scan biometrics. MFA works together with Conditional Access for security during sign-in events.

Manage Identities

Single Identity Platform

Azure Active Directory is a universal platform to secure identities for all company wide applications. Automate user provisioning or call Microsoft Graph APIs.

Identity Integration with apps

Integrate applications on Azure Active Directory that sign in all Microsoft identities and get tokens to call all the APIs of Microsoft or which you may have built.

Conditional Access

Conditional Access allows you to apply the right access controls when required for organizational security. Also, staying away from the user's way when not required.

Threat Management

Protects 99.9% cyberattacks

Once your users enable Azure Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), Microsoft says that 99.9% automated cyberattacks on websites and other online services can be blocked efficiently.

Passwordless authentication

A compromised password is the reason for many cyberattacks. As a complex, lengthy, frequently changed password annoys your users, passwordless authentications are useful.

Real-time threat response

Azure AD keeps monitoring your accounts 24/7 for any outside potential threats. If an outside threat is detected, your digital security team gets a real-time alert to take preventive measures.

Hybrid Deployment

Password Hash Synchronization

Synchronize hashes of use passwords from on-premises AD to Azure AD with Password Hash Synchronization. This allows Azure AD to authenticate users independent of on-premises AD intervention.

Seamless SSO

With Azure AD Seamless SSO feature, users do not need to type their user names and passwords for signing in to Azure AD. Get easy access to cloud-based apps without help from on-premises components.

Application Proxy

With Azure AD Application Proxy, users can access SaaS applications in the cloud and corporate apps on-premises even on fiercely protected networks. Get robust access without VPN or dimilitarized zones (DMZ).

Compliance and Governance

User provisioning

Automate the creation, maintenance, and removal of user identities in cloud applications based on the business rules. The automated provisioning simplifies the processes and allows scaling of the system on cloud as well as hybrid environment.

Privileged Identity Management

The privileged administrative roles across Azure AD, Azure resources, and other Microsoft Online Services can be managed with Privileged Identity Management (PIM) feature. This feature is exclusively available in Azure AD Premium P2 plan.

Monitoring and Reporting

Azure Active Directory Reporting offers a holistic data log of Azure AD events and activities of your cloud or on-premises environment. The events include user signins, audits, directory changes, working of your apps and services, and other events.

Why Apps4Rent for Azure AD?

Microsoft Tier 1 Azure CSP

Apps4Rent is one of the few Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) which are handpicked by Microsoft to offer Azure services. We help you install and setup Azure AD quickly.

24/7 end user Support

You get 24/7 Support via phone, chat, and email for the end users. Talk to a live person anytime you call us. If required, we also contact Microsoft Support on your behalf.

Over 10,000 customers served

Since 2003, we have served over 10,000 customers across more than 90 countries. With us, you get high-quality services at reasonable pricing which is our mantra at the company.

Serving Over 10,000 Businesses in More Than 90 Countries

Our Azure AD Plans

Office 365

O365 F1, E1, E3, E5
  • Single Sign-On for Max 10 Apps
    (Excluding MS Office)
  • Company Branding Settings
  • MFA available
  • 3rd Party Identity Provider Support
Most Popular

Azure AD
Premium P1

  • Unlimited Single
  • All Features of Office 365 Apps
  • Group Access Management
  • Conditional Access Settings

Azure AD
Premium P2

  • Unlimited Single
  • All Features of P1 Plan
  • Privileged Identity Management
  • Access Reviews

Quick-Fix Administration Plan

2-Hour Implementation
Overage Charges at $95/Hour
  • Easy Way to
  • Planning and Consulting
  • Troubleshooting
  • AD Deployment & Configuration

Azure Active Directory Features

  • Security Features

    • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Multi Factor Authentication
    • Conditional Access
    • Automatic Threat Detection
    • Security and Usage Reports
    • Collaborate with Full Security
  • Identity Management Features

    • Compliance and certifications of Apps4Rent Brand Settings
    • Compliance and certifications of Apps4Rent One Identity Platform
    • Apps Identity Integration
    • Group Management
    • Enroll User Devices
    • Privileged Identity Management

Other Azure Services Offered by Apps4Rent

Storage & Backup

Get highly secure storage and backup services on Azure including blob, file, and queue storage.

App Hosting

Accelerate your app development by integrating App Service to your existing frameworks.

Disaster Recovery

Get excellent failover and redundancy on Azure with over 50 Azure regions all over the world.

Identity Management

Simplify your ID management process with Azure Active Directory (AD) by providing a single sign-on (SSO).

Infrastructure Management

Meet the growing needs of your business with highly available, secure, and scalable infrastructure on Azure cloud.

Ready-Made Azure Images

Apps4Rent offers over 200 Azure VM images which can be downloaded and used instantly from Azure Marketplace.

Get Over 200+ Ready-Made Azure VM Images at Apps4Rent

Apps4Rent offers over 200 ready-made Azure images which can be used instantly after downloading it from Azure Marketplace for free. If you want to use a particular application on Azure, we have created easy-to-download OS-compatible package which can save you a lot of installation hassles.

We have packaged over 200 open-source applications which covers a wide range of domains such as Content Management System, CRM, Database, Infrastructure, Platforms and more. Our Azure images are used by top companies including Citrix, Capgemini, Exxon Mobil, ICICI Bank, Palo Alto Networks, Telstra and more.

Check if your application is available here.

Companies using our Azure solutions

Companies using our Azure solutions

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Built To Last: Microsoft Azure Cloud solves server infrastructure challenges

Arizona based telecommunication equipment manufacturer with a roster of 150+ clients found it difficult to manage its server infrastructure. With multiple business units spread across 3 continents and a decentralized decision making structure, the company-wide integration...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What are the advantages of Azure Active Directory over Windows Active Directory?

Azure AD is primarily an identity solution designed for internet-based applications by using HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443) communications. While Azure AD allows users to access thousands of SaaS applications using a single identity, Windows AD is restricted to controlling objects within a network. Unlike Windows AD, Azure AD users and groups are created in a flat structure. Since Azure AD is federated with many Microsoft and third-party services (such as Facebook), it provides single sign-on capabilities and a central point for identity management.

2. What is the right Azure Active Directory plan for me?

Selecting the right Azure Active Directory plan depends on what you want out of the service. There is also a free plan available which is available with any Microsoft Online service. If you are using any of the Office 365 plans including F1, E1, E3, or E5, you get core security features as well as app management features. However, if you select a Premium plan, either P1 or P2, you get advanced and premium security features. Check the Azure AD plans here.

3. What is the difference between Azure AD Premium P1 vs P2 plan?

Azure Active Directory Premium plans have advanced security features, which are not available in the Free or Office 365 apps plan. The Azure AD Premium plans are further classified into two plans, namely Azure AD Premium P1 and Azure AD Premium P2 plans. All the features of P1 are available in the P2 plan. Premium P2 has additional features such as Privileged Identity Management (PIM), Identity Protection, and Access Reviews.

4. How are Azure AD, Office 365, and Azure related?

Office 365 includes a range of productivity applications bundled together available with a monthly or annual subscription. Azure is simply a cloud service offered by Microsoft, which has innumerable and infinite potential of use. Azure AD is a directory service on Azure platform used to store and manage identities of users.

5. Why is Azure AD required?

Azure AD standardizes the features of security and compliance across the company. The granular security features and activity reports can be generated by system admins which facilitate better management. Select the Premium Azure AD plans to have firm control over security, identity, and authentication.

6. How do I integrate my on-premises identities with Azure AD?

You can integrate your on-premises identities with Azure Active Directory using Azure AD Connect. Managing identities both on-premises and cloud can be tied up together with Azure AD. This is termed as hybrid identity which can be achieved by methods such as password hash synchronization, pass-through authentication, and ADFS. Contact our experts to know what method suits you the best.

7. What are the various methods by which Azure AD enables authentication and SSO to apps?

Azure AD enables authentication using standardized protocols such as SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and WS-Federation. Password vaulting and automated signing is also supported.

8. Can apps which run on-premises be added on Azure AD?

Yes. Azure AD Application proxy allows secure access to chosen on-premises apps, just like the way it works for SaaS applications in Azure AD. No VPN or network change required.

9. Will I get a report to know when my current Azure AD licenses expire?

No. Currently, there are no reports to know when Azure AD user licenses will expire.

10. What is Conditional Access?

Conditional Access allows you implement automated access-control decisions to access your cloud applications based on conditions. Once the first-factor authentication has been done, the Conditional Access policies are enforced. Though Conditional Access is not used for DoS attacks, but uses signals from these events for determining access.

11. Can I manage on-premises directories with Azure AD?

Yes. If you have a hybrid environment, you can implement single sign-on by configuring password hash synchronization or with the use of ADFS solutions.

12. Why should I buy Azure AD price plans and deployment services from Apps4Rent instead of Microsoft?

As a Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Provider, Apps4Rent can provide you the same Azure AD subscription plans as offered by Microsoft. In addition, you can get top notch AD deployment services at a fraction of the cost of Microsoft or its other partners. Apps4Rent offers friendly 24/7 Support by Azure experts via phone, chat, and email, which is way beyond Microsoft Support. Our Microsoft-certified experts will install, setup, and manage Azure AD and assist you at every step. Apps4Rent is a Tier 1 CSP for Azure, enabling us to contact Microsoft and get quick resolutions on your behalf.

13. How do I get started with Apps4Rent for Azure AD services?

You can click on "Submit Your Requirements" button above fill the form. Do not hesitate to contact our support desk if you have any questions. Thank you for choosing Apps4Rent.

Tyler, Software Engineer, San Jose, California

"Thanks to the diligent Apps4Rent team, Azure AD configuration was so smooth. The process was very simple, straightforward, and transparent. Our MFA and SSO is working fine. No conflicts so far. Great job by the team."

Doug, Enterprise Consultant, Seattle, Washington

"Azure AD offers tighter security and seamless integration. Since most of our clients include enterprise customers, we had to offer single sign-on in their solution. A wise decision to choose Apps4Rent for Azure AD setup. "

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