Benefits of Hyper-V Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)

The benefits of the Hyper-V virtual dedicated server, lies in the word “dedicated”. Dedicated hosting means that the full power of the server is available to the buyer.  Hyper-V uses virtualization to host multiple Hyper-V virtual dedicated servers on the same physical server, however, each Hyper-V virtual dedicated server is as good as a dedicated server of the same power specification.

You will also find that Hyper-V virtual dedicated server allows the choice of a variety of OS on each Hyper-V virtual dedicated server.  The OS could be Microsoft OS or Linux or FreeBSD and others.

Service level agreements can be purchased with plans for Hyper-V virtual dedicated server hosting which include monitoring upgrades, OS maintenance, security patches and quite often daemon updates.

High end virtual dedicated server hosting providers are generally multi-homed which provides for redundancy in the event a server should go down. This includes events such as natural disasters such as floods, perhaps in the instance of a hurricane. In an instance such as this a data center at a different location will automatically kick-in meaning absolutely no downtime.

A few of the extra benefits of VDS include automatic restoration of operating systems. This may be used to revert the server back to its original configuration and a serial console, which can be utilized to access the server if normal means don’t work, and a remote back-up space.

Perhaps the single largest benefit to any company making use of Hyper-V virtual dedicated servers is the cost efficiency factor.  It is far more cost effective to build multiple virtual dedicated servers than it is to build physical dedicated servers.  IT departments in any business are able to maintain the same performance levels, security and reliability at a far reduced cost. At the same time each virtual server is loaded with its own OS and software.

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