TurboCASH Vs QuickBooks – How Do They Compare?

There comes a stage while running a business where you realize that spreadsheets are not serving the accounting and financial management needs of your business anymore. You start weighing your options to address different issues associated with tracking the inbound and outbound flow of money. There are two pieces of software that usually come up in the search results and claim to be the solution for your accounting challenges – QuickBooks and TurboCASH. Are you looking for some assistance to determine which of these two products will be an ideal choice for your business? This article shall help.

What Is QuickBooks Used For?

Intuit offers QuickBooks to help accountants as well as non-accounting professionals organize their books and streamline many other business processes. Taking different sizes and requirements of business into consideration, QuickBooks offers various products optimized for meeting a wide range of use cases ranging around accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing, billing, bank feeds, payroll, and more. QuickBooks Desktop solutions provide advanced features for inventory management, tracking order fulfillment cycle, business management, customer relationship management, receipt capture, tax compliance, and customization of forms.

What Is TurboCASH?

TurboCASH is another core accounting software with an open-source version and a closed-source version. While the earlier one is a free option with very limited features, the latter one offers a few additional features for a fee. The open-source version allows you to perform basic billing, invoicing, and tax management tasks and doesn’t go much farther than that. The paid version additionally offers a few simple tools for budgeting, project management, spreadsheet payroll, ledger analysis, and report creation.

TurboCASH vs QuickBooks – Which One Should You Use?

Both QuickBooks and TurboCASH have been helping users worldwide simplify accounting and financial management. Which one of these products will be more suitable for your business can be determined by various factors such as the size and requirements of your business, the number of users who will be accessing the software, which features are critical to your business, and more. The following points attempt to draw a clearer picture of both applications to help you select one easily.

Accounting Features

Name an accounting feature, and QuickBooks has it. The software packs a vast range of accounting features, including general bookkeeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, automated invoicing, accounts reconciliation, and whatnot. TurboCASH, on the other hand, offers general ledger and invoicing as the main features. If you are a growing business, you may feel a need for tools outside TurboCASH.

Tax Compliance

TurboCASH offers features for calculating and storing information related to sales tax and VAT, while QuickBooks provides you robust tax management and compliance tools. You can even create and file various federal and state tax forms using QuickBooks.

Inventory Tracking

QuickBooks inventory management features allow you to keep track of every product you purchase or sell. QuickBooks enables you to keep your office and warehouse on the same page with features for shipping, receiving, and order fulfillment. On the other hand, TurboCASH has nothing to offer in this area.


The paid version of TurboCASH allows you to get basic reports in PDF format. In contrast, QuickBooks provides you with reporting capabilities with all the versions. The number of reports increases with every advanced version. For example, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise offers you more than 130 standard reports and gives you the freedom to create your own reports and customize reports using templates.


TurboCASH features spreadsheets for payroll management, while QuickBooks offers a full-fledged payroll service that comes inbuilt in some versions and can be added to others. This feature helps you run payroll and provide you with features such as a direct deposit.

Role-Based Access

QuickBooks allows you to assign your employees specific roles and give them access to a part of the software based on their role. For example, you can let a user access Company files while restricting others. This feature is beneficial in reducing the possibilities of unauthorized access and data leakage. Many of the advanced security features in QuickBooks are not available in TurboCASH.

Template Customization

QuickBooks Desktop offers you the flexibility to customize forms and templates so that they match your brand’s identity. TurboCASH lacks such customization capabilities.

Apps4Rent Can Host your Accounting Software in the Cloud

QuickBooks is a comprehensive solution for SMEs that need advanced capabilities for accounting, sales orders, reporting, payroll, and more. It can be the right fit for businesses that deal with complex accounting. If the availability of QuickBooks on any device is crucial to your business, hosting the desktop solution in the cloud can help. App4Rent is an Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Hosting Provider that helps you host your QuickBooks software on a virtual desktop. We can also host TurboCASH in a secure and reliable environment for data protection and online access. Contact our hosting professionals, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email, for hosting plan inquiries.

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