How to Troubleshoot GPU Overload Issues in OBS Studio?

Are you experiencing performance issues while recording and live streaming your gameplay with OBS Studio? It can be one of the several reasons, including GPU overload, that is slowing down your system. GPU overload occurs when multiple concurrent processes demand the power of your GPU and force it to go beyond its ideal processing capacity. This blog post explains easy and efficient solutions to solve GPU overload issues for the seamless performance of OBS Studio.

How to Prevent GPU Overload?

As GPU overload can cause your computer to suffer performance issues while trying to run OBS Studio, it is necessary to ensure that you do not assign your GPU more work than it can do. The following measures can help you troubleshoot and prevent GPU overload issues.

Limit Your Applications

Running multiple applications concurrently, especially graphics-intensive games along with OBS Studio, can get your GPU overloaded quickly. This issue can be solved by closing the apps that aren’t in use. However, if you are live streaming your gameplay, you will not have many options.

Set Your Software at a Lower Frame Rate

If you set up your GPU to render 60 frames per second for an end-user device that only outputs 30 frames per second, it can cause your GPU to work unnecessarily. You can set up your gaming application and OBS Studio to a lower frames per second (fps) option if the compromised quality doesn’t matter to your viewers.

Turn Down Your Game’s Graphics Settings

If you lower the graphics settings of all the applications open and running, your GPU will use fewer GPU resources, helping it not get overloaded. Lowering graphics settings can improve stability to some extent. However, it may affect how your games and streams render on the user’s screen.

Change the Multi-Adapter Settings

If multi-adapter compatibility settings are enabled, it may affect the performance of your GPU. This option is useful in a laptop with multiple graphics cards. You can disable it in the settings and allow your GPU to work smoothly.

Limit Your Scenes

OBS Studio allows you to set up unlimited scenes, but it doesn’t mean you must leverage this capability to the fullest. By keeping the scene collection smaller, you can reduce the load on CPU and GPU resources.

Cloud Host Your OBS Studio

Most of the preventive measures listed above help you enhance the performance of your GPU, but they also affect the viewing experience of your audience. For example, lowering the frames per second settings in OBS Studio can reduce the quality of the output. If you want to live stream your video at the maximum possible settings, use as many GPU resources as required, set up unlimited scenes, and enjoy an excellent performance at the same time, hosting OBS Studio in the cloud can be one of the best options.

How Does Hosting Help OBS Studio Perform Better?

OBS Studio is a resource-intensive recording and live streaming application. Its requirements for resources further increase when you attempt to run it alongside multiple applications for gameplay streaming. Cloud infrastructure can provide OBS Studio with the necessary resources for unrestricted performance. Hosting also allows it to offer streamers, video creators, and gamers the complete set of its features on various low configuration devices, including an average computer and a smartphone. Furthermore, with the hosted OBS Studio, you can turn your recordings and gaming adventures into seamless live streams from anywhere in the world.

Apps4Rent Offers Dedicated OBS Hosting Services

Frozen images, dropped frames, visible lags, and a black screen are some of the indicators that suggest your system is struggling while running OBS Studio. Apps4Rent hosts your live streaming software in a robust environment equipped with NVIDIA GPU for smooth performance and lightning-fast graphics processing. We host and manage your software in our secure and reliable cloud data centers and Azure, helping you go live to your audience with excellent-quality videos. Contact our cloud consultants, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for OBS hosting inquiries.


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