Why Tax Preparers Use Hosted QuickBooks?

Individuals and organizations are increasingly opting for hosted desktops for using daily applications. These simplify operations, improve accessibility, and increase security. As cloud-based solutions, these are much more scalable at lower costs, making them ideal for enterprises of all sizes. Financial applications are one of the most widely used solutions on hosted desktops. These are used for accounting, managing inventories, and e-filing taxes, among others. Many of these capabilities are built into QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise, which traditionally are tied to physical computer systems and servers. Let us understand why tax preparers use hosted QuickBooks and the advantages of the solution.

Why Do Tax Preparers Need Hosted QuickBooks?

Tax preparers use QuickBooks as well as other Intuit solutions such as Lacerte Tax and ProSeries Tax for their professional requirements. Here are some of the advantages of hosting solutions like these on cloud desktops.

Improved Flexibility

The pandemic has highlighted the need for tax professionals to be able to access their customer data from anywhere. While this was possible to RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) into an office computer, the solution is neither secure nor user friendly.

With hosted QuickBooks on cloud desktops, tax preparers can use QuickBooks Desktop and other solutions that are installed on personal computers remotely. Unlike online-only applications such as QuickBooks Online, they can continue to use the full-featured solution with which they are familiar, without changing existing workflows.

Better Security

Even today, many tax preparers believe that their data is secure on devices that they own and control. While that could be the case if they are a part of an organization with complex security infrastructure and dedicated teams, hosting QuickBooks on the cloud is almost always a better option. This is particularly true if such professionals do not have sufficient technical expertise in managing firewall and anti-virus settings.

With hosted QuickBooks Desktop, tax preparers will not have to worry about updating their anti-virus definitions, product updates, and other non-core security tasks. Additionally, many tax preparers employ assistants and freelancers during the tax season when they might have to configure access privileges, policies for handling data, and application security. This can be managed remotely by security experts employed by hosting solutions providers.

Lower IT Overheads

Customizable applications such as QuickBooks can be tricky to install, provision, and manage, especially when multiple users have to access the application from a centralized server. Specific activities, such as data pathing of the program with on each desktop with the internal server can be time-consuming, technical, and in some cases, impractical to implement with the available resources. For tax preparers with limited knowledge of these technical aspects, it could mean that they are spending their valuable time in managing these peripheral tasks or scouting for experts who can do it for them.

With hosted QuickBooks Desktop, tax preparers can outsource these technical aspects to their cloud solution provider, and focus on their priorities, such as managing client relationships and auditing finances.

Apps4Rent Can Host QuickBooks for Tax Preparers

Tax preparers use hosted QuickBooks for accessing the financial data of their clients. It is both in their interests, as well as that of their clients that financial records are both secure and always accessible. As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent provides QuickBooks hosting services from SSAE 16 certified data centers that comply with the redundancy and security requirements of top tier banks and financial institutions. Contact our experts, available 24/7 for phone, chat, and email support for support on QuickBooks hosting plans.

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