How to Stream to BoxCast with OBS Studio?

BoxCast provides a smart solution for organizations to stream events and videos, and OBS offers several features to control the quality and appearance of videos. What if you could connect them both and unite the best of both worlds? This article offers a simple guide to integrating BoxCast with OBS Studio to enhance the viewing experience of your audience. Before we move ahead, let’s discuss a bit about both programs and their features.

How Does BoxCast Help Organizations?

BoxCast is a comprehensive, easy-to-use live streaming solution for enterprises, churches, sports, municipalities, event organizers, and more. It meets several use cases including but not limited to live events, sports broadcasting, church services, town halls, and organization-wide meetings. With BoxCast, you can live stream your content to multiple platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, and Periscope simultaneously. One of the many features of the solution is its ability to integrate with any other RTMP encoder, which gives organizations excellent control of how the content is displayed on the user’s devices upon streaming.

Why Live Stream with OBS Studio?

OBS Studio is an open-source RTMP encoder that supports recording, screencasting, and live video broadcasting. Available for free, the software is equipped with capabilities for video customization, quality adjustment, visual mixing, and multichannel streaming. OBS Studio allows multi-camera setup, surround sound effects, and Full HD streaming, enabling you to create immersive videos. With features such as Studio Mode and Multiview, OBS Studio allows you to easily review your production and make changes at will.

Is It Easy to Configure and Use OBS Studio?

OBS Studio is a versatile software with robust features for digital creators, gamers, and streamers. It can be set up on any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer without any difficulty. New users can leverage the auto-configuration wizard to make the installation easier. If you want to customize the software to fit your requirements, you can set it up manually and connect with the OBS community if you need assistance. OBS has a large community that can be very helpful when you need filters, overlays, effects, or information about different configuration options.

How to Connect BoxCast with OBS Studio?

As BoxCast supports OBS Studio, the process to connect it with OBS Studio is not difficult. You need to collect a Server URL and a Stream Key from the BoxCast Sources. Once you have this information with you, you can perform the following steps.

  1. Open OBS Studio.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click on Stream.
  4. Select Stream Type as Custom Streaming Server.
  5. Enter the Server URL and the Streaming Key in the given boxes.
  6. Click OK to save the settings.

Host OBS Studio in the Cloud to Better Engage Your Audience

Live video streaming with OBS Studio enables organizations to communicate with a large audience and engage potential buyers. It can be an ideal tool to market products, create awareness about your brand, and engender loyalty among your existing customers. OBS Studio delivers smooth performance when hosted in the cloud. Hosting can ensure zero lag and real-time transmission of your content on the user’s screen. With dedicated OBS hosting plans offered by Apps4Rent, you can go live from anywhere, using any device. Allow us to host your software in our lightning-fast servers powered by NVIDIA GPU. Contact us via phone, chat, or email for hosting plan inquiries.

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