QuickBooks Vs FreeAgent – Which Is Right for You?

Progressive businesses need the best accounting software to gain a competitive edge. However, choosing the right software product is easier said than done. As there are multiple applications with numerous features for solving accounting challenges, comparing them with one another allows you to reach the one that can address your unique requirements. This article tries to help you make the right decision by drawing a detailed comparison between QuickBooks and FreeAgent based on their features, usability, and potential benefits.

Which Accounting Challenges Does QuickBooks Help You Solve?

QuickBooks is an accounting software product developed by Intuit to simplify and modernize accounting, helping non-accountants track and manage financial activities, maintain books, and prepare for tax times efficiently. QuickBooks products are focused around small and medium businesses and offer on-premises as well as cloud-based accounting applications. Business owners can use QuickBooks for accepting business payments, sending customer invoices, paying bills, and running payroll. With various options to choose from, QuickBooks helps you ensure all your accounting needs are being met, including inventory tracking, receipt management, template customization, tax compliance, and a lot more.

How Good Is FreeAgent as a Small Business Accounting Software?

FreeAgent is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small-sized businesses. It comes with many accounting tools to help you track the business cash flow. The major features of FreeAgent include expense tracking, invoicing, sales tax calculation, time tracking, banking, and payroll. FreeAgent also provides a dashboard that helps you accurately analyze the real-time financial status of your business. The Radar feature helps you keep track of your business through intelligent insights, trend spotting, and personalized tips.

QuickBooks Vs FreeAgent – Which Solution Does Your Business Need?

Both QuickBooks and FreeAgent provide you a wide range of accounting-related features for small businesses. However, QuickBooks additionally provides a robust toolset for medium and enterprise-level businesses. FreeAgent is a completely web-based accounting service, whereas QuickBooks has both online and desktop software packages for you to choose from. The desktop software provides better features in areas such as inventory tracking, receipt scanning, and upload, order shipping and receiving, creating multiple company files, providing users role-based access, and preparing and viewing reports.

You should choose a software product purely based on whether it addresses the most crucial needs of your business, not just because it is easily available or is easy to use. If QuickBooks Desktop is the software that can solve your specific accounting challenges and help your business grow, you can opt for it and host it in a virtual environment for browser-based access, ease of use, and optimum availability on all devices.

Apps4Rent Can Host QuickBooks in a Virtual Environment

Your financial data is an essential component of your business and its management can become a challenging and time-consuming job if proper care is not taken during the selection of the accounting software. If you decide to use any of the QuickBooks Desktop solutions, you can cloud host it for added benefits such as anytime, anywhere access. Hosting also enables you to extensively use your software on a variety of devices. As an Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent hosts your software in a secure and reliable cloud environment. Contact our QuickBooks hosting professionals, available in your service 24/7 via phone, chat, and email.

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